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Latest Spots

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Sun 13:46 DF1ET/P on DM/BM-351 14.0639 CW
[RBNHole] at DR4W 16 WPM 17 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Sun 13:43 DF1ET/P on DM/BM-351 14.0601 CW
[RBNHole] at F5MUX 16 WPM 5 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Sun 13:33 G0EVV/P on G/LD-054 7.0328 cw
[G0EVV{GB}]: QRV NOW (Posted by SMS)
Sun 13:24 OM4DW/P on OM/ZA-008 7.029.5 CW
now here after big QRM on 7.030.6 (Posted by SP9AMH/QRP)
Sun 13:24 VE2DDZ on VE2/LR-158 14.059 cw
*here now [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by VE2DDZ)
Sun 13:23 HB9BIN/P on HB/SZ-021 18.090 cw
*[VK port-a-log] (Posted by HB9BIN/P)

Upcoming Activations

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Sun 13:00 GM0GAV/P on GM/ES-017 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw
(Posted by GM0GAV)
Sun 14:00 K0CHK on W0C/FR-003 146.52-fm,14-ssb
Mount Evans, for real this time (Posted by K0CHK)
Sun 14:30 MW0HGY/P on GW/MW-021 145-FM
(Posted by M0HGY)
Sun 14:30 MW1EYP/P on GW/MW-021 7-CW, 7-FT8, 145-FM
(Posted by M0HGY)
Sun 14:45 2E0OVW on GM/SS-260 145.500-fm
with GM4HQB (Posted by M6OVW)
Sun 15:00 KB1HXO on W1/GM-007 14.347-ssb, 7.190-ssb, 28.400-ssb. 50.135-ssb, 146.520-fm
time plus or minus (Posted by KB1HXO)
Sun 15:30 KJ4DER on W0C/SR-005 146.520-fm
summit time - an hour (Posted by KJ4DER)
Sun 16:00 VE2DDZ on VE2/LR-106 14.342-ssb,7.032-cw,14.059-cw, 5.332-cw
wx permitting NJQRP Skeeter Hunt after 1700z S+1 (Posted by VE2DDZ)
Sun 16:30 AC7P on W0D/BB-009 14.062-cw, 10.112-cw, 7.062-cw
Please spot me. (Posted by AC7P)
Sun 16:30 K0CHK on W0C/PR-025 146.52-fm,14-ssb
Rogers Peak on the way back down from Evans (Posted by K0CHK)

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