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Wed 21:21 VA2VL on VE2/ML-004 28,062 cw
*Quick activation rainning here [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by VA2VL)
Wed 20:39 W1DMH on W1/CR-011 28 other
QRT (Posted by KB1RJC)
Wed 20:34 W1DMH on W1/CR-011 28.355 ssb
22 NW FL (Posted by KK4EUN)
Wed 20:28 W1DMH on W1/CR-011 28.355 ssb
CQ (Posted by KB1RJC)
Wed 20:14 W1DMH on W1/CR-011 14.336 ssb
CQ (Posted by KB1RJC)
Wed 20:01 W1DMH/P on W1/CR-011 14.347 ssb
55 INTO SW VA (V) (Posted by W4DOW)

Upcoming Activations

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Thu 11:00 F8FEO/P on F/AM-376 14.062-cw
+/- 30 m (Posted by F8FEO)
Thu 11:00 M0OAT/P on G/NP-031 145-fm,7-ssb
+/- 1hr eta. band will depend on weather (Posted by 2E0WKR)
Thu 15:00 CT1HIX/P on CT/MN-038 14.285-ssb,7.185-ssb
Maby the last activation in 2014! (Posted by CT1HIX)
Thu 15:30 WA7JTM on W7A/XX-XXX 14.0622-7.0332-cw
WX dependant. 2nd Peak possible IF road open. S+8 (Posted by WA7JTM)
Fri 00:11 EA3HP/QRP on EA3/BC-014 7-ssb,14-ssb,28-ssb
time is aprox. merry christmas and happy new year (Posted by EA3HP)
Fri 11:00 MW0YDH/P on GW/NW-044 144.3-ssb,7.118-ssb
with Peter MW6EMP - his 1st activation. NW-051 afterwards. (Posted by M0YDH)

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