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Tue 21:07 AE9Q on W4A/VR-002 14.285 ssb
along with AE4BL (2 for 1 special!) (Posted by AE4BL)
Tue 20:58 AE4BL on W4A/VR-002 14.285 ssb
new radio, 58 into NE, with ae9q (Posted by N7UN)
Tue 20:10 KB6CIO on W6/CT-009 7 ssb
Any HF today Bob? (Posted by WA6RIC)
Tue 19:58 NM5S on W7A/AW-008 14.061 cw
very light but improving (Posted by K6ILM)
Tue 19:57 KX0R on W0C/FR-008 14.062 cw
nw qrt. Temp 40f and vy windy at 13560 ft! (Posted by N7UN)

Upcoming Activations

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Tue 22:30 NM5S on W7A/AW-010 7.031-cw,14.061-cw
(Posted by NM5S)
Wed 05:00 OE9HRV/P on OE/VB-349 14.317-ssb
+- time and QRM, looking vk, APRS: OE9HRV-7 (Posted by OE9HRV)
Wed 10:00 F6HBI/P on F/AM-219 7.032-cw,10.122-cw
Time approx, also FFF-006 and other Bands CW too (Posted by F6HBI)
Wed 11:00 OE5FSM/P on OE/KT-072 7.165-ssb,14-ssb+cw
depending on wx, time +/- 90min., qrg +/-, 145.500 stand by (Posted by OE5FSM)
Wed 12:00 OE3VBU on OE/ST-137 500ghz-atv
Test (Posted by OE3VBU)

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