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Latest Spots

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Thu 07:58 DL6MST/P on DM/NS-008 7.032.2
Klaus (Posted by G4SSH)
Thu 07:51 SV2OXS/P on SV/MC-042 14.285 ssb
CHRISTOS Mnt Olympus (Posted by SV2HSZ)
Thu 07:47 DD5LP/P on DL/AL-170 7.0875 ssb
*cq (via RRT) (Posted by DD5LP)
Thu 07:46 DD5LP/P on DL/AL-170 7.085 ssb
*cq (via RRT) (Posted by DD5LP)
Thu 07:34 OK1CZ/P on OK/ST-070 7.032 cw
qrv (Posted by OK1CZ)
Thu 07:25 DD5LP/P on DL/AL-170 14.305 ssb
*back to 20m very little on 10m (via RRT) (Posted by DD5LP)

Upcoming Activations

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Thu 08:00 F1REI/P on F/MC-026 7-ssb,14-ssb,144-ssb
TIME +/- (Posted by F4FHV)
Thu 08:00 F4FHV/P on F/MC-018 7-ssb,14-ssb,144-ssb
TIME +/- (Posted by F4FHV)
Thu 08:00 G4WSB/P on G/LD-008 145-fm
delayed rain appox time. (Posted by G4WSB)
Thu 09:00 OE5REO/P on OE/OO-061 145.500-fm
http://aprs.fi/oe5reo-7 (Posted by OE5REO)
Thu 10:00 DO4KAI/P on DM/BM-160 145.500-fm,144.300-ssb
(Posted by DO4KAI/P)
Thu 10:00 M0OAT on GI/MM-004 7.1-ssb
will try other freq & may be CW @13wpm(learner) ETA -/+ hr (Posted by M0OAT)

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