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Sun 14:53 HB9CMC/P on HB/SG-039 3.559 cw
*[Outd Log] (Posted by HB9CMC)
Sun 14:53 EA2GM/P on EA1/AT-208 14.0641 CW
[RBNHole] at OH6BG 23 WPM 16 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Sun 14:52 KB9ILT on W4V/RA-014 14.0618 CW
[RBNHole] at KO7SS 19 WPM 8 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Sun 14:49 W6RWS on W6/SC-092 146.520 fm
[W6RWS{Iridium}]: enroute k6ark n1clc (Posted by SMS)
Sun 14:46 W1DMH on W1/GM-015 7.188 ssb
CQ (Posted by KB1RJC)
Sun 14:45 KB9ILT on W4V/RA-014 5.332 cw
Please try 60 or 80M for locals (Posted by WF4I)

Upcoming Activations

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Sun 14:00 PA/M1NNN/P on PA/PA-006 1.832-cw,1.846-ssb
G4YSS 50W Dipole Time+- Little chance but worth a try (Posted by G4YSS)
Sun 14:25 PA/M1NNN/P on PA/PA-006 70.245-ssb
G4YSS 10W to 3-Ely.Callg G0UUU Little chance but worth a try (Posted by G4YSS)
Sun 14:30 KB9ILT on W4V/RA-014 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw,21-cw
(Posted by KB9ILT)
Sun 14:30 EA2GM/P on EA1/AT-208 14-cw,14-ssb,7-cw,10-cw
(Posted by EA2GM)
Sun 14:30 HB9DIZ/P on HB/AG-004 14-ssb, 7-ssb
+/- 30 min. (Posted by HB9DIZ)
Sun 14:45 PA/M1NNN/P on PA/PA-006 7.033-cw
G4YSS 7.160 If clear/ time (Posted by G4YSS)
Sun 15:30 W1PTS on W4V/WV-014 5-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb,145-fm
time +/- Adventure Team FOG (Posted by W1PTS)
Sun 16:00 KH7AL on W7U/UT-004 14.063-CW, 10.113-CW, 7.033-CW
APRS KH7AL-7 (Posted by KH7AL)
Sun 16:00 KD7WPJ on W6/CT-010 10.113-cw,14.061-cw
(Posted by KD7WPJ)
Sun 16:00 K6ARK on W6/SC-092 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw,144.2-ssb,146.52-fm
With N1CLC and W6RWS. 50w and 6 el beam on 2m! (Posted by KJ6HOT)

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