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Mon 11:21 HB9AFI/P on HB/VS-241 7.000 CW
Kirrt is abt - wkg HB9GQU/P now (Posted by G4OBK)
Mon 11:20 OE5EIN/P on OE/OO-433 21.0602 CW
[RBNHole] at F6IIT 20 WPM 17 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Mon 11:20 MM0JLA/P on GM/SS-136 5.3715 ssb
[M0JLA{GB}]: (Posted by SMS)
Mon 11:17 YO8SDE/P on YO/MC-002 145.5 fm
[SOTA Spotter] (Posted by YO8SDE)
Mon 11:14 HB9BXQ/P on HB/SZ-023 7.033 CW
now here (Posted by SP9AMH/QRP)
Mon 11:14 MM6BWA/P on GM/SS-136 145.425 fm
(Posted by GM4WHA)

Upcoming Activations

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Mon 10:30 GW4HQB /P on GW/MW-022 145.5-fm
(null) (Posted by G4HQB)
Mon 10:30 F8FEO/P on F/AM-671 7.032-cw
+/- 30 min (Posted by F8FEO)
Mon 10:45 HB9TSU/P on HB/TI-135 7.150-ssb
(Posted by HB9TSU)
Mon 11:00 DL6TS/P on DM/BM-047 145.525-FM
plus-minus, depends on weather condx (Posted by DL6TS)
Mon 11:00 MM0JLA/P on GM/SS-136 3.5-ssb,5-ssb,7-ssb
MM6BWA 2m 70cm - Time VERY approx (Posted by M0JLA)
Mon 11:00 MM0GLM/P on GM/SS-015 145.0-fm
First summit,times very approximate and outing wx dependant.Mode fm,calling 145.5 (Posted by MM0GLM)
Mon 11:00 YO8SSQ/P on YO/EC-284 7-ssb,145.5-fm,433.5-fm
With YO8SBR/P (Posted by YO8SSQ)
Mon 11:30 F6HBI on F/AM-637 7,10,14,18-cw-ssb
(Posted by F6HBI)
Mon 12:00 DJ9MH/P on DM/TH-082 7.032-CW
sorry no activation today (Posted by DJ9MH)
Mon 12:00 OK2VWB/P on OK/US-024 7-cw,14-cw
(Posted by OK2VWB )

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