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Sat 22:44 VK3TCX/P on VK3/VG-045 7.090 ssb
Correct summit reference is VG-045 (Posted by VK1NAM)
Sat 22:40 W4PH on W4C/WM-018 7.032 cw
*599 TN [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by WX4ET)
Sat 22:36 VK3EK on VK3/VG-030 7.110 ssb
Robbie calling CQ (Posted by VK3FQSO)
Sat 22:31 W4PH on W4C/WM-018 7.032 cw
*[via SOTA Goat] (Posted by K2JB)
Sat 22:24 VK3TCX on VK3/VG-085 7.090 ssb
only hear contests on 40m (Posted by VK6MB)
Sat 22:15 WX4ET/P on W4T/RV-023 146.550 fm
*Spot[WX4ET]: Test Only ! (Posted by SMS_NA)

Upcoming Activations

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Sat 23:00 VK3EK on VK3/VG-030 7.110-ssb
+ or - 30Min also VG 045 049 064 by EK or VK3TCX (Posted by VK3EK)
Sat 23:00 VK1DA on VK1/AC-023 7.090-ssb
(Posted by VK2UH)
Sat 23:30 WG0AT on KH6/MA-001 14.062-cw
*plus Rich/AC7MA will be CQing with KX3 and BP antler [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by WG0AT)
Sat 23:30 VK1DI/P on VK1/AC-002 7.090-ssb,14.310-ssb,10.130-ssb
Time may vary, riding a bike part way so possibly earlier. (Posted by VK1DI)
Sat 23:30 W0CP on W4C/CM-011 14.062-cw
*[via SOTA Goat] (Posted by W0CP)
Sun 04:00 VK1DI/P on VK1/AC-008 7.090-ssb,14.310-ssb,10.130-ssb
Time a guess, depends on last summit (Posted by VK1DI)

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