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Sun 02:45 VK5FO on VK5/SE-005 7.090 ssb
Calling CQ SOTA 10 min b4 leaving (Posted by VK5RR)
Sun 02:21 VK5FO on VK5/SE-005 14.320 ssb
Calling CQ SOTA (Posted by VK5RR)
Sun 02:05 VK5FO/P on VK5/SE-005 10.130 ssb
*Good sigs in Sydney (via RRT) (Posted by VK2IO)
Sun 01:55 VK5FO on VK5/SE-005 10.130 ssb
Calling CQ SOTA (Posted by VK5RR)
Sun 01:41 VK5FO/P on VK5/SE-005 7.090 ssb
just audible in Nrthn NSW-band too noisy- Lee (Posted by VK2LEE)
Sun 01:32 VK5FO on VK5/SE-005 10.130 ssb
Calling CQ SOTA (Posted by VK5RR)

Upcoming Activations

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Sun 04:30 VK3MCD on VK3/VC-006 7.090-ssb
*usual caveats [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by VK3MCD)
Sun 09:00 YO6PIB/P on YO/EC-078 14-ssb
time approx, maybe other bands if time/wx permits (Posted by YO6PIB)
Sun 09:00 SV2OXS/P on SV/TL-092 14-ssb,7-ssb,145.375-fm
+/-1h. With SV2CNE,SV2NCH,SV2OYE.W x subject to be canceled! (Posted by SV2OXS)
Sun 10:00 LA4TTA on LA/HL-023 5-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb,18-ssb
will try other bands if time and weather is good. (Posted by LA4TTA)
Sun 10:00 EA5EY/P on EA5/AT-026 7-ssb.14-ssb
(Posted by EA5EY)
Sun 10:30 EA2DCA/P on EA2/VI-014 145.525-fm
(Posted by EA2DCA)

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