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Fri 15:15 I/F6HBI/P on I/LG-321 7.032 cw
I heard LG-321 (Posted by DL1FU)
Fri 15:11 I/F6HBI/P on I/LG-331 7.032 CW
here (Posted by F5LKW)
Fri 15:11 I/F6HBI/P on I/LG-331 7.032 cw
*[RBNHole] at EA5WU 28 WPM 28 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Fri 15:07 KK4OSG on W4G/HC-006 7.194 ssb
57 with some QSB into WPA (Posted by K3JZD)
Fri 14:55 KK4OSG on W4G/HC-006 7.194 ssb
80w in the heavy frost! (Posted by KK4OSG)
Fri 14:53 CT2JLS/P on CT/BA-011 14.290 ssb
Sergio being hrd vy well in NA - 59++ in SE UK (Posted by G6TUH)

Upcoming Activations

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Fri 14:20 EA8/OE5EEP on EA8/GC-010 14-cw
en-route, watch for updates on timing (Posted by OE5EEP)
Fri 14:30 I/F6HBI/P on I/LG-331 14-cw,10-cw,7-cw
Time approx if enouth power left (Posted by F6HBI)
Fri 14:30 M0WML/P on G/LD-036 145-fm
WX bad. 2M only. May cancel if WX too bad. (Posted by MW0WML)
Fri 15:00 KK4OSG on W4G/HC-006 7-ssb,14-ssb,18-ssb,28-ssb,52-fm,144-fm
+-30 min Can work 80m too (Posted by KK4OSG)
Fri 19:00 KR7RK on W7A/AW-023 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw,14-ssb,28-cw
(Posted by KR7RK)
Fri 22:30 JA4RQO/4 on JA/SN-197 21-cw,7-cw
(Posted by JA4RQO)

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