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Wed 12:39 HB9BIN/P on HB/FR-019 10.118 cw
*CQ CQ at 22 wpm. S/N=24 dB at HA1VHF {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Wed 12:39 HB9BIN/P on HB/FR-019 14.0089 cw
as far as I know RBN does not make jokes, hi ! a silly ham? (Posted by HB9BCB)
Wed 12:30 HB9BIN/P on HB/FR-019 14.0089 cw
*CQ CQ at 21 wpm. S/N=14 dB at SM2IUF {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Wed 12:29 GM3YTS/P on GM/SS-039 145.400 fm
qrv nw. also calling 145.5 (Posted by GM4COX)
Wed 12:20 HB9/MM0YCJ/P on HB/BE-087 14.290 ssb
please use the correct call, tks! (Posted by HB9BCB)
Wed 12:20 HB9BIN/P on HB/FR-019 14.061 cw
Right QRG is 14.061 / silly RBN! (Posted by HB9BIN/P)

Upcoming Activations

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Wed 12:00 M0HQO/P on G/SB-008 145-fm
+/- depending on traffic. (Posted by M0HQO)
Wed 12:15 GW4CFS/P on GW/SW-033 5-ssb,7-ssb,7-cw
+/- 30 mins, monitoring 145.500 (Posted by G4CFS)
Wed 12:45 GM4MD/P on GM/NS-141 5-ssb,3.666-ssb,7.118-ssb
(Posted by G4MD)
Wed 13:30 GM3YTS/P on GM/SS-039 145.500-fm14.060-cw10.115-cw7.030-cw
Time +/- 45 mins (Posted by GM3YTS)
Wed 14:30 2I0NON/P on GI/MM-002 145-fm
With Nick GI4OOE - time vy approximate (Posted by G4OOE)
Wed 15:00 WA9STI on K0M/NE-007 10-cw,7-ssb,7-cw,14-ssb,14-cw
APRS: WA9STI-9 & WA9STI-7; Tentative due to travel (Posted by WA9STI)

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