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Latest Spots

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Sun 00:58 JA3NAP/3 on JA/KT-009 432.980 fm
(Posted by JN3VSA)
Sun 00:52 JG4LCS/4 on JA/OY-052 14.047 cw
*[RBNHole] at BD2FW 17 WPM 12 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Sun 00:35 JG4LCS/4 on JA/OY-052 21.063 cw
(Posted by JG4LCS)
Sun 00:33 JP3DGT/3 on JA/OS-003 7.003 CW
(null) (Posted by JP3DGT)
Sun 00:33 KL0NP on W7W/MC-063 3.970 am
* [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by KL0NP)
Sun 00:22 JP3DGT/3 on JA/OS-003 28.062 CW
(null) (Posted by JP3DGT)

Upcoming Activations

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Sun 00:30 JG4LCS/4 on JA/OY-052 14-7-18-21-cw
Time +/-, PSE QRS. (Posted by JG4LCS)
Sun 01:00 ZL2AJ on ZL1/MW-192 7-ssb,14-ssb,146.500-fm,5.353-ssb
Time apx. May not have cell coverage so please listen out. (Posted by ZL2AJ)
Sun 02:00 VK3ARH/P on VK3/VS-006 3.532-cw,7.032-cw,14.062-cw
Will chase the parks on SSB (Posted by VK3HRA)
Sun 02:00 JK1VUZ/1 on JA/IB-022 430.2-ssb,433-fm,50.2-ssb
(Posted by JK1VUZ )
Sun 05:00 JF1NDT/1 on JA/KN-016 10-14-cw-ft8
time +/- (Posted by JF1NDT)
Sun 06:00 M1EYP/P on G/SP-015 10.123-cw,10.137-ft8
DX S2S QSO Party (Posted by M1EYP)
Sun 07:30 OK4KOP/P on OK/JM-059 5-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb
+/-30 min, depends on weather (Posted by OK4KOP)
Sun 08:00 EC6PG on EA6/MA-058 3.5_14-cw,3.5_14-ssb,145-fm
(Posted by EC6PG)
Sun 08:30 MM0MZW/P on GM/SS-171 10.137-ft8,7-ssb,14-ssb
DX S2S QSO Party (Posted by MM0MZW)
Sun 09:00 SV2OXS/P on SV/MC-083 433-145-fm,50-ssb,5-7-10-14-18-cw/ssb
+/-1h. AlsoSV2NCH, SV2RMR. TEP after 12:00 UTC. CU 73 (Posted by SV2OXS)

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