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Sun 19:15 KK1W on W1/MB-013 7.0315 cw
*CQ CQ at 18 wpm. S/N=1 dB at W8WWV {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Sun 19:11 WA1J on W1/MR-003 7.180 ssb
K1maz nick here (Posted by K1MAZ)
Sun 18:34 W6AH on W6/SS-306 50.125 ssb
*QRV now [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by W6AH)
Sun 18:33 W6AH on W6/SS-306 50.125 ssb
*QRV now [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by W6AH)
Sun 18:32 W6AH on W6/SS-306 28.063 cw
Mike, no joy 30m and 10m SoCal. 20m again??? (Posted by NG6R)
Sun 18:30 WW7D/P on W7W/RS-011 146.52 fm
*cq - via SOTA Spotter (Posted by WW7D)

Upcoming Activations

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Sun 19:00 K7ZOO on W7A/PE-030 7-cw,14-cw,21-cw,146-fm
Trying out new tribander xcvr. CU on the air! (Posted by K7ZOO)
Sun 19:00 WA1J on W1/MR-003 7-ssb,7-cw,14-ssb,14-cw,21-ssb,21-cw
K1MAZ on SSB, N1TA on CW. APRS K1MAZ-7 (Posted by K1MAZ)
Sun 19:00 KB9FKO on W6/CC-039 7-cw,7-ssb,10-cw,14-cw,14-ssb,21-cw
10m and 6m and 146.52/55/58 (Posted by KB9FKO)
Sun 19:00 NM5SW on W5N/PW-020 7-ssb,14-ssb,28-ssb,50-ssb
50% tstorm bust. 146.58, aprs nm5sw-7 (Posted by NM5SW)
Sun 19:15 KK1W on W1/MB-013 7.0315-cw,14.0615-cw,7.190-ssb
Jim solo, maybe other bands (Posted by KK1W)
Mon 06:00 DL/ON6ZQ/P on DM/BW-??? 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw,18-cw
Several activations planned during the day S+14 (Posted by ON6ZQ)

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