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Latest Spots

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Thu 00:44 N6KZ/P on W6/NE-276 7.041 cw
*Spot[N6KZ]: #DroidSpot (Posted by SMS_NA)
Wed 23:10 VK2YW/P on VK2/RI-047 7.090 ssb
John calling now. Good signal. (Posted by VK3PF)
Wed 19:44 ND7PA on W5N/SE-011 7.000 cw
Roger, can you do 40m or 30m...too close for 20m for AZ (Posted by W7RV)
Wed 19:41 N6KZ/P on W6/NW-319 7.190 ssb
*Spot[N6KZ]: #DroidSpot (Posted by SMS_NA)
Wed 19:38 ND7PA on W5N/SE-011 14.062 cw
*QRV in 10 min [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by ND7PA)
Wed 19:18 N6KZ/P on W6/NW-391 7.033 cw
*Spot[N6KZ]: #DroidSpot (Posted by SMS_NA)

Upcoming Activations

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Thu 09:00 SV2OXS/P on SV/TL-021 433.575-fm,7.170-ssb,14.285-ssb
+/-1h. QActiv.Inverted V dipole! Try 10,12,15,17m!KX3(10w) (Posted by SV2OXS)
Thu 10:00 OE5EIN/P on OE/OO-073 145.500-fm
+/- Gehzeit, Aufstieg ├╝ber Dorngraben (Posted by OE5EIN)
Thu 10:00 LA4TTA on LA/HL-014 5-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb,14-psk,10-psk
Hope 2 have plenty of time to test bands. Wil spot. (Posted by LA4TTA)
Thu 11:00 MW0XOT/P on GW/MW-021 7-ssb,145-fm
145-fm if time. (Posted by MW6MWM)
Thu 11:00 SY2BIK/P on SV/TL-058 145.375-fm,433.575-fm,7.170-ssb
+/-1h. Test bands fer DX QSOs! (Posted by SV2OXS)
Thu 13:00 SY2BIK/P on SV/TL-022 145.375-fm,433.575-fm,7.170-ssb
+/-1h. Test bands fer DX QSOs! (Posted by SV2OXS)

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