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Upcoming Activations

Monday 14th October 2019
     08:30 OK2VWB/P on OK/US-052 7-cw
(Posted by OK2VWB )
     08:30 DL/HB9ELD/P on DM/BW-086 7.032-cw +/- qrm
time aprox (Posted by HB9CZR)
     09:00 S52AU/P on S5/KS-010 145.550-fm
+/- 1h (Posted by S52AU)
     09:00 DL/HB9CZR/P on DM/BW-086 7 ssb, later 14 ssb
time aprox (Posted by HB9CZR)
     09:30 F6HBI/P on F/AM-620 7,10,14,18-CW-SSB
(Posted by F6HBI)
     09:45 G8CPZ/P on G/LD-040 145-fm, 145-c4fm, 10-cw, 5-cw
(Posted by G8CPZ)
     10:00 HB9GUX/P on HB/SH-002 7.100-ssb
(Posted by HB9GUX)
     10:00 OE5EIN/P on OE/OO-433 14.060-cw, 21.060-cw, 7.030-cw, 145.500-fm
+/-Time, qrp only (Posted by OE5EIN)
     10:00 LA9XGA/P on LA/OL-302 14-cw, 14-ssb, and other bands.
APRS LA9XGA-7 (Posted by LA9XGA)
     10:00 OE5YYN/P on OE/OO-031 145.500-fm,7-ssb-14-ssb
(Posted by OE5AUL)
     10:00 OE5AUL/P on OE/OO-031 145.500-fm,7-ssb-14-ssb-cw
(Posted by OE5AUL)
     10:30 GW4HQB /P on GW/MW-022 145.5-fm
(null) (Posted by G4HQB)
     10:30 F8FEO/P on F/AM-671 7.032-cw
+/- 30 min (Posted by F8FEO)
     10:45 HB9TSU/P on HB/TI-135 7.150-ssb
(Posted by HB9TSU)
     11:00 DL6TS/P on DM/BM-047 145.525-FM
plus-minus, depends on weather condx (Posted by DL6TS)
     11:00 MM0JLA/P on GM/SS-136 3.5-ssb,5-ssb,7-ssb
MM6BWA 2m 70cm - Time VERY approx (Posted by M0JLA)
     11:00 MM0GLM/P on GM/SS-015 145.0-fm
First summit,times very approximate and outing wx dependant.Mode fm,calling 145.5 (Posted by MM0GLM)
     11:00 OE5JKL/P on OE/KT-095 7-ssb,14-ssb,145-fm
(Posted by OE5JKL)
     11:00 YO8SSQ/P on YO/EC-284 7-ssb,145.5-fm,433.5-fm
With YO8SBR/P (Posted by YO8SSQ)
     11:30 F6HBI on F/AM-637 7,10,14,18-cw-ssb
(Posted by F6HBI)
     12:00 DJ9MH/P on DM/TH-082 7.032-CW
sorry no activation today (Posted by DJ9MH)
     12:00 OK2VWB/P on OK/US-024 7-cw,14-cw
(Posted by OK2VWB )
     12:00 HB9BXQ/P on HB/SZ-023 7.034-cw, 10, 10-cw, 14-cw, 5, 5-cw
aprs.fi hb9bxq-12. Time approx. (Posted by HB9BXQ)
     12:40 TK/MM0DHY/P on TK/TK-050 7.032-cw, 10.118-cw, 14.062-cw
[SOTA Spotter] (Posted by MM0DHY)
     13:30 GW4HQB /P on GW/MW-023 145.5-fm
(null) (Posted by G4HQB)
     14:00 MM0JLA/P on GM/SS-118 3.5-ssb,5-ssb,7-ssb
MM6BWA 2m 70cm - Time VERY approx (Posted by M0JLA)
     14:30 K7EEX on W4C/WM-004 7.262-ssb
2m and 20m too (Posted by K7EEX)
     15:00 K4QS on W4V/BR-005 5.332-cw,7.032-cw,10.112-cw,14.062-cw
18.092-cw freq & time +/- (Posted by K4QS)
     16:00 KH7AL on W7U/NU-042 14.061-cw,10.111-cw,7.031-cw,146.52-fm
Depending on snow condition, https://APRS.fi/KH7AL-9 (Posted by KH7AL)
     17:00 W6RWS on W6/SC-187 146.52-FM, 14-SSB, 7-SSB
https://aprsi.fi/w6rws (Posted by W6RWS)
     17:00 K6RIN on W6/SC-428 14-ssb
(null) (Posted by K6RIN )
     17:00 K1LB on W6/NS-133 7.032-CW,10.112-CW,14.062-CW
approx time, conditions permitting (Posted by K1LB)
     17:30 K7EEX on W4C/WM-003 7.262-ssb
Other frequencies too (Posted by K7EEX)
     17:30 WB7ENX on W7A/MN-143 144.410-fm
2-10-20-40 meters voice (Posted by WB7ENX)
     18:30 KX0R on W0C/SP-072 7.033-cw, 10.113-cw, 14.063-cw
ETA approx, looking for S2S, bands may vary (Posted by KX0R)
     19:00 K4QS on W4V/BR-001 5.332-cw,7.032-cw,10.112-cw,14.062-cw
18.092-cw freq & time +/- (Posted by K4QS)
     19:00 K0NR on W0C/SP-020 146.52-fm
not sure about access, ETA may vary (Posted by K0NR)
     20:00 AE7AP on W7A/??-??? 7.185-ssb,14.342-ssb,14.062-cw
Track me on APRS S+5 (Posted by AE7AP)
     21:30 WX7EMT on W7W/KG-037 146.52-fm146.58-fm
Time is approximate (Posted by WX7EMT)
Tuesday 15th October 2019
     09:30 PA3GEO on PA/PA-003 7033.0 , 7118.0 , 144.290 , cw, ssb ,fm
Also with Dan pa1fzh (Posted by PA3GEO)
     09:30 OE3IPU/P on OE/ST-137 145.5-fm
qrv 60 min. mit OE3WHU/P (Posted by OE3IPU)
     16:00 AE7AP on W7A/??-??? 7.185-ssb,14.342-ssb,14.062-cw
Will not do if I did an AZ summit yesterday (Posted by AE7AP)
     17:00 K1LB on W7N/WC-014 7.032-CW,10.112-CW,14.062-CW
approx time, conditions permitting (Posted by K1LB)
     21:00 AE7AP on W5N/??-??? 7.185-ssb,14.342-ssb,14.062-cw
Track me on APRS S+4 (Posted by AE7AP)
Wednesday 16th October 2019
     16:00 AE7AP on W5N/??-??? 7.185-ssb,14.342-ssb,14.062-cw
Will not do if I did a NM summit yesterday S-2 (Posted by AE7AP)
Thursday 17th October 2019
     10:00 G4TQE/P on G/WB-012 145-fm
Approximate time (Posted by G4TQE)
Friday 18th October 2019
     10:00 G4TQE/P on G/WB-009 145-fm
Approximate time (Posted by G4TQE)
     16:30 NK6A on W6/CC-045 14.060-cw,10.110-cw,7.033-cw
time approx (Posted by NK6A)
Saturday 19th October 2019
     05:30 DD5LP/P on DL/AL-276 14-SSB, 7-SSB
UK/EU-VK/ZL/JA S2S Party. Up to 100w PEP into a linked 40m/20m VP2E antenna (Posted by DD5LP)
     05:30 VK2IO/P on VK2/HU-093 14-10-7-3.5-CW-SSB
VK ZL JA<>EU S2S QSO party. Summit may change (Posted by VK2IO)
     05:30 G4OOE/P on G/TW-004 7.033-cw,10.118-cw,14.062-cw
Also 7 & 14 MHz ssb (Posted by G4OOE)
     05:30 VK3BYD/2 on VK2/RI-001 7.032-cw, 10.115-cw, 14.062-cw
on early for vk chasers. staying for EU and others. with VK2IB (Posted by VK3BYD)
     06:00 G7LAS/P on G/SP-004 7-cw
S2S Party (Posted by 2E0YYY)
     06:30 VK1AD/P on VK1/AC-035 7-ssb,14-ssb,3.6-ssb,146.5-fm
S2S QSO Party, 40m Dx. Sunset 0825 UTC (Posted by VK1AD)
     06:30 VK1MCW/P on VK1/AC-043 146.5-FM, 7-cw/ssb,14-cw/ssb
EU - JA - ZL - VK S2S QSO Party (Posted by VK1MCW)
     06:30 HB0/OE9HRV/P on HB0/LI-009 14-ssb
VK JA ZL <> EU S2S QSO Party,  with Hentenna for 14 Mhz (Posted by OE9HRV)
     06:30 DL4FO/P on DM/HE-003 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw,18-cw,
maybe other bands and ssb (Posted by DL4FO)
     06:30 JP3DGT/3 on JA/OS-012 7-14-18-21-cw-ssb
VK JA ZL <> EU S2S QSO Party (Posted by JP3DGT)
     06:30 HB9EKO/P on HB/ZH-008 7-cw, 7-FT8, 7-SSB, 10-cw, 10-FT8, 10-SSB, 14-cw, 14-FT8, 14-SSB
VK-JA-ZL S2S QSO party (Posted by HB9EKO)
     06:30 JI3BAP/3 on JA/HG-052 14-cw/ft8, 18-cw/ft8
VK JA ZL - UK EU S2S QSO Party. Sunset is at 08:25 UTC (Posted by JI3BAP)
     06:30 JG4LCS/4 on JA/OY-175 14-18-cw
VK JA ZL - EU S2S QSO Party. (Posted by JG4LCS)
     06:30 M5OTA/P on G/CE-003 7.180-SSB, 14.280-SSB, 145.480-fm
VK JA ZL - EU S2S Party (Posted by M5OTA)
     06:30 VK3BCM on VK3/VE-067 7-ssb,14-ssb,21-ssb
usual caveats, VK/ZL/JA/EU/GB S2S (Posted by VK3BCM)
     06:30 2E0YYY/P on G/SP-004 7-ssb,14-ssb
S2S Party (Posted by 2E0YYY)
     06:30 BX2AI/P on BV/HS-013 7-cw, 7-ft8, 10-cw, 10-ft8, 14-cw, 14-ft8
EU - JA - ZL - VK S2S QSO Party (Posted by BX2AI)
     06:30 ZL2ATH on ZL1/WL-138 7-ssb,14-ssb,21-ssb,5-ssb+cw
S2S party, WX dependent chosen summit may change (Posted by ZL2ATH)
     06:30 VE7KPM on VE7/CL-004 14.338-ssb
Trying 4 some Trans-Pacific S2S. No cell reception to spot. (Posted by VE7KPM)
     06:30 BU2EQ on BV/NT-045 14.092-ft8,14.192-usb,21.192-usb
S2S party (Posted by BX2AFU)
     12:00 DD5LP/P on DL/AL-132 7-SSB,14-SSB
Komunica HF-Pro2 Vertical antenna - Wx dependant. Time may change. (Posted by DD5LP)
     13:15 KJ7IEG on W3/CR-003 146.520, FM
[SOTA Spotter] (Posted by KJ7IEG)
     23:00 JM3GVH/3 on JA/NR-057 433-fm,433-dv.1295-fm
(Posted by JM3GVH)
Tuesday 22nd October 2019
     20:00 KD5ZZK on W0M/SP-003 7.190-ssb,14.3425-ssb,18.130-ssb
+/- 1hr Follow me on APRS KD5ZZK-9 (Posted by KD5ZZK)
Wednesday 23rd October 2019
     15:00 DM3FAM/P on DM/BW-054 7-ssb, 14-ssb, 145-fm
(Posted by DM3FAM)
Friday 25th October 2019
     16:00 KD5ZZK on W0M/ES-001 7.190-ssb,14.3425-ssb,18.130-ssb
+/- 1hr Follow me on APRS KD5ZZK-9 (Posted by KD5ZZK)
     18:00 KD5ZZK on W0M/ES-002 7.190-ssb,14.3425-ssb,18-130-ssb
+/- 1hr Follow me on APRS KD5ZZK-9 (Posted by KD5ZZK)
     20:00 K7ZOO on W6/SD-136 5-21-CW
(Posted by K7ZOO)
Saturday 26th October 2019
     20:00 K7ZOO on W6/SD-045 5-21-CW
(Posted by K7ZOO)
Saturday 2nd November 2019
     12:00 DD5LP/P on DL/CG-030 7-SSB,14-SSB
Provisional plan for EU-Americas S2S event (summit may change) (Posted by DD5LP)
     13:00 VE2DDZ on VE2/ES-010 14.059-cw,7.032-cw,14.342-ssb,5.332-cw
Trans-Atlantic S2S QSO party (S+4) (Posted by VE2DDZ)
Thursday 7th November 2019
     17:00 N0TA on W0C/FR-003 7.063cw,10.113cw,14.063cw
ETA approximate, with Don, N0YE (Posted by N0TA)
Friday 8th November 2019
     15:00 KB1HXO on W1/MB-015 50-ssb, 40-ssb, 20-ssb, 28-ssb, 2-fm
time plus or minus (Posted by KB1HXO)
Saturday 9th November 2019
     09:30 M1BUU/P on G/NP-009 7-cw
Annual visit to WW2 crash site. (Posted by M1BUU)
Sunday 10th November 2019
     18:00 N0OI on W6/CT-245 7.033-cw,14.063-cw
Aprs N0OI-7 monitoring 146.520 fm, with KD6EOD (Posted by N0OI)
Saturday 23rd November 2019
     00:01 VK1AD/P on VK1/AC-??? 144.2-ssb,1296-ssb,2403-ssb
23cm on the 23rd. placeholder details to follow (Posted by VK1AD)
     00:01 VK1MCW/2 on VK2/IL-001 144.2-ssb, 1296-ssb/cw,7-cw,14-cw,21-cw
Tentative looking for S2S back into VK1 23cm on 23 (Posted by VK1MCW)
Sunday 1st December 2019
     08:00 DL/OE5FDM/P on DM/BM-065 7-cw, 7-ssb
+/- time (Posted by OE5FDM)
     13:00 DL/OE5FDM/P on DM/BM-279 7-cw, 7-ssb
+/- time (Posted by OE5FDM)
Tuesday 3rd December 2019
     12:30 K4ZLT on W4C/CM-022 5-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssm
TIme +/- (Posted by K4ZLT)
Thursday 12th December 2019
     14:30 GM4GUF/P on GM/SS-064 145-fm
(Posted by GM4GUF )
Tuesday 31st December 2019
     20:30 VK1MCW on VK1/AC-008 146.5-FM
4 and done. Will come back post roll-over HF cw/ssb (Posted by VK1MCW)
     23:00 VK1MCW on VK1/AC-002 146.5-FM, 3.53-cw, 7-cw/ssb,14-cw/ssb
Roll over - followed by Mt Ginini... (Posted by VK1MCW)
     23:00 KH7AL on W7U/WB-001 14.342-ssb
Happy Zulu NY! (Posted by KH7AL)
Wednesday 1st January 2020
     00:05 KH7AL on W7U/WB-001 14.342-ssb
Happy Zulu NY! 2-fer (Posted by KH7AL)
     04:00 VK1MCW on VK1/AC-008 3.5-cw/ssb, 7-cw/ssb, 14-cw/ssb, 146.5-FM
Happy New Year (Posted by VK1MCW)
     10:00 OE1WED/1 on OE/WI-001 145-fm,144.075-cw
+/- 60 min, cw speed max 10 wpm (Posted by OE1WED)
     16:30 KH7AL on W7U/NU-073 14.342-ssb
Happy New Year (Posted by KH7AL)
Sunday 19th January 2020
     13:00 WA7JTM on W7A/MN-070 50-144-222-432-1296-cw-ssb-fm
AZ s2s + VHF Contest Event, yagis on all bands, S+10 (Posted by WA7JTM)
     15:00 K7TAB on W7A/MN-038 50-ssb, 144-fm, 432-fm, 1296, 222-fm
Jan VHF contest (Posted by K7TAB)
Friday 14th September 2091
     18:00 K9FA/P on W7Y/TT-035 14.050-CW, 7.050-CW, 14 & 7 FT8
CW and FT8 on HF 18-7 (Posted by K9FA)
Sunday 13th October 2109
     10:00 OE/OM6AZ/P on OE/ST-108 7.030-cw,14.060-cw
(Posted by OM1AEG)
     10:00 OE/OM6AZ/P on OE/ST-108 7.030-cw,14.060-cw
(Posted by OM1AEG)

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