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Upcoming Activations

Tuesday 13th November 2018
     17:30 AC7MA on W7W/CW-056 14.062-cw
S+4 , with WU7H (Posted by AC7MA)
     18:00 K7GT on W7O/SC-044 14-cw,7-cw,14-ssb,7-ssb,10-cw,144-fm
This 2-pointer not previously activated. Also work KI7ITJ (Posted by K7GT)
     18:20 VE6IXD on VE6/RA-084 14.3275-ssb
(Posted by VE6IXD)
     19:00 M1EYP/P on G/SP-015 433-fm,432-ssb
FMAC 1900-1959z; UKAC 2000-2230z (Posted by M1EYP)
     19:00 WB9QAF on W4T/SU-033 14-cw,10-cw,7-cw
Rainy day (Posted by WB9QAF)
     20:00 W6BJB on W6/SC-086 14.062-cw
(null) (Posted by W6BJB)
     23:00 ZL2ATH on ZL1/WL-151 7-ssb5-ssb14.ssb
+/- first cw attempt also, go slow or brain will shut down (Posted by ZL2ATH)
Wednesday 14th November 2018
     06:30 OK/SP6GNK/P on OK/KR-018 7.030-cw,14.060-cw
(Posted by SP6GNK)
     10:00 OE3IPU/P on OE/NO-074 145.5-fm,430.300-fm,7-ssb,14-ssb
- 30 min./ + 60 min. Kreuzberg-Speckbacherhütte mit OE3WHU/P (Posted by OE3IPU)
     10:00 OE5HWM/P on OE/ST-047 145-fm,145.500-fm
+/- 60 min, only WX OK (Posted by OE5HWM)
     10:00 IK2LEY/P on I/LO-210 5-cw,7-cw,7-ssb,14-cw,14-ssb
Ft-817 and EFHW (Posted by IK2LEY)
     11:00 MW0XOT/P on GW/MW-040 7-ssb,3.5-ssb
This is also GWFF-006 Carn Gafallt. WX dependent. (Posted by MW6MWM)
     12:00 EA1AER/P on EA1/LE-121 14.062-cw,7.032-cw,145.525-fm
Approx time. APRS trackable?? (Posted by EA1AER)
     16:00 N0XM on W5T/CH-003 14.058-cw
Activation time +/- 30 minutes (Posted by N0XM)
Thursday 15th November 2018
     09:00 G4VFL/P on G/SB-008 145-fm,70.45-fm,1297.5-fm
time approx (Posted by G4VFL)
     11:00 GW4HQB /P on GW/NW-040 145.5-fm
(null) (Posted by G4HQB)
     13:00 G4VFL/P on G/SB-007 145-fm,70.45-fm,1297.5-fm
time approx (Posted by G4VFL)
     13:30 KR7RK on W9/IL-006 28-cw,24-cw,21-cw,14-cw,7-cw
Depends on weather, snow forecast (Posted by KR7RK)
     15:00 GW4HQB/P on GW/NW-070 145.5-fm
(null) (Posted by G4HQB)
     15:45 KR7RK on W9/IL-002 28-cw,24-cw,21-cw,14-cw,7-cw
Depends on weather, snow forecast (Posted by KR7RK)
     16:00 WB7ENX on W7A/MN-144 144.410-fm
2-10-20-40 voice (Posted by WB7ENX)
     18:45 KR7RK on W9/IL-007 28-cw,24-cw,21-cw,14-cw,7-cw
Depends on weather, snow forecast (Posted by KR7RK)
Friday 16th November 2018
     09:45 GW8XYJ on GW/SW-026 5-ssb,145-fm
Time approx - Only if WX is OK (Posted by G8XYJ)
     10:30 ON4UP/P on ON/ON-026 3.6-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb
Together with ON9CBQ/P (Posted by ON4UP)
     12:00 GW8XYJ on GW/SW-016 5-ssb,145-fm
Time approx (Posted by G8XYJ)
     12:40 ON9CBQ/P on ON/ON-024 1.8-ssb,3.6-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb
Together with ON4UP/P (Posted by ON4UP)
     15:30 ON4UP/P on ON/ON-025 1.8-ssb,3.6-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb
Together with ON9CBQ/P (Posted by ON4UP)
     19:00 NJ7V on W7A/GI-010 144-fm,14-cw
W/YL - short activation (Posted by NJ7V)
Saturday 17th November 2018
     04:00 JM3GVH/3 on JA/OS-001 433-dv,433-fm
(Posted by JM3GVH)
     05:00 VI6PAX on VK6/SW-039 7-10-14-18cwssb
Armistice Day Centenary, Special call. QSL via BURO, VK & DX (Posted by VK6NU)
     12:00 MM0TAI on GM/WS-266 7-ssb
Last summit in my round of 13 Loch Ness summits (Posted by MM0TAI)
     15:00 K4LPQ on W4C/CM-040 5.373-cw,7.045-cw,10.115-cw,14.045-cw
+ /- 30 min (Posted by K4LPQ)
     15:30 NJ7V on W7A/YV-026 14-cw,10-cw,7-cw
CQ EU - First of 2 Summits (Posted by NJ7V)
     20:00 NJ7V on W7A/YV-050 14-cw,10-cw,5-cw
Second of 2 Summits (Posted by NJ7V)
     21:00 KK6ZLY on W7N/WC-001 14.050-cw
APRS 20/30/40 CW (Posted by KK6ZLY)
Sunday 18th November 2018
     02:00 JN3VSA/3 on JA/OS-007 433-fm
5W and 10ele-Yagi. QRT is about 05:00 UTC. (Posted by JN3VSA)
     02:00 JM3GVH/3 on JA/OS-001 433-dv,433-fm
(Posted by JM3GVH)
     03:00 VK3PF/P on VK3/VC-031 7-cw,7-ssb,3.5-ssb,3.5-cw
Usual caveats. Other bands possible. Also VKFF-0750 (Posted by VK3PF)
     07:00 CT2HOV/P on CT/TM-033 14.280-ssb
looking for S2S and chasers ;)... (Posted by CT2HOV)
     15:00 M/LA1ENA/P on G/SE-013 7.032-cw,10.120-cw,145.550-fm
(Posted by LA1ENA)
Monday 19th November 2018
     02:00 VA3OZI/P on VK4/SE-117 7-ssb,14-ssb
May be able to self spot (Posted by VA3OZI/P)
Tuesday 20th November 2018
     14:00 GM6PJZ/P on GM/SS-182 5.395-ssb
(null) (Posted by G6PJZ)
Thursday 22nd November 2018
     10:00 OE3IPU/P on OE/NO-024 145.5-fm,430.300-fm
+ 60 min. Tratenkogel mit OE3WHU/P (Posted by OE3IPU)
Saturday 24th November 2018
     15:00 K7EEX on W4C/WM-047 14.285-ssb,146.55-fm,7.175-ssb
(Posted by K7EEX)
Thursday 29th November 2018
     11:00 GU4TQE/P on GU/GU-002 145-fm
Approximate time. (Posted by G4TQE)
Friday 30th November 2018
     12:00 GU4TQE/P on GU/GU-001 145-fm
Approximate time (Posted by G4TQE)
Saturday 1st December 2018
     11:00 OE1WED/6 on OE/ST-205 145-fm,144.075-cw,50.095-cw
+/- 60 min (Posted by OE1WED)
Saturday 8th December 2018
     00:00 XE2BCS on XE2/BS-001 1.8-50mhz-ft8-cw-ssb,145-sat
Tuesday 25th December 2018
     11:30 GW7WKX/P on GW/NW-001 145.5-fm,433.5-fm
Time is +-1 hour for travel and is WX dependant. (Posted by G7WKX)
Friday 28th December 2018
     05:00 VK1FWBD/2 on VK2/ST-008 7-ssb,146.5-fm,439-fm
Quick activation. S2S?? (Posted by VK1FWBD)
Monday 31st December 2018
     23:55 JA4RQO/4 on JA/SN-085 10-cw,18-cw
time +/- (Posted by JA4RQO)
Tuesday 1st January 2019
     10:00 GW7WKX/P on GW/NW-003 145.5-fm,433.5-fm
Time is +-1 hour for travel and is WX dependant. (Posted by G7WKX)
Sunday 13th January 2019
     09:00 DO5TMM/P on DM/BW-008 28-ssb,145-fm
time +/- (Posted by DO5TMM)
Sunday 20th January 2019
     14:00 WA7JTM on W7A/MN-070 50-144-223-432-cw-ssb-fm
W7A s2s Event and VHF Contest, summit Ref corrected,s+8 (Posted by WA7JTM)
     14:00 N7AZ on W7A/AW-040 7-14-21-28-50-146-223-432-cw-ssb-fm
W7A S2S Event and VHF Contest /w K7AIM (Posted by N7AZ)
     14:00 NJ7V on W7A/PN-119 50-ssb,144-fm,222-fm,432-fm
W7A s2s Event and VHF Contest,s+8 (Posted by NJ7V)
     14:00 K7TEJ on W7A/MN-142 144.41-fm,446.00-fm,1294.50-fm
JAN s2s VHF Contest, 1.2 ghz if ther is interest (Posted by K7TEJ)
     15:00 K7JFD on W7A/MN-106 50-ssb/cw,144-fm,222-fm,432-fm
W7A s2s Event and VHF Contest,s+8 (Posted by K7JFD)
     15:00 WB7ENX on W7A/MN-125 144.410-fm
50-ssb, 144-fm, 432-fm (Posted by WB7ENX)
     16:00 K7TAB on W7A/MN-038 50-ssb,144-fm,222-fm,432-fm,1296-fm
VHF Contest (Posted by K7TAB)
     16:15 K9PM/P on W7A/YU-148 5-7-10-14-50-144-cw-ssb-fm
W7A S2S Event & VHF contest s+8 (Posted by K9PM)
     16:30 W7JET on W7A/PN-091 144-ssb,432-ssb,222-fm
VHF contest (Posted by W7JET)
     17:00 KC7MSU on W7A/MN-101 144.410-fm,7-ssb,14-ssb
Sunday 3rd February 2019
     09:00 DO5TMM/P on DM/BW-009 145-fm,144-ssb
time +/- (Posted by DO5TMM)

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