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Upcoming Activations

Tuesday 12th December 2017
     21:30 AC0PR on W7U/IR-051 14.059-cw,7.027-cw
1st activation this summit, could be a little later (Posted by AC0PR)
     22:00 KX0R on W0C/SP-113 7.033-cw,10.113-cw,14.063-cw
ETA approx - looking for S2S - bands may vary (Posted by KX0R)
     22:30 W7JET on W7A/MN-101 7-cw,14-cw,10-cw,144.410-fm
I will be with KF7DOY its his first Activation (Posted by W7JET)
     23:45 M1EYP/P on G/SP-015 145-fm
(Posted by M1EYP)
Wednesday 13th December 2017
     00:00 M1EYP/P on G/SP-015 145-fm
(Posted by M1EYP)
     07:00 VK1FWBK/P on VK1/AC-041 146.5-fmfirst,7.032-cw,7.090-ssb,21-cw
15M maybe. Will try for S2S with some other VK1s at start. (Posted by VK1FWBK)
     07:15 VK1AD/P on VK1/AC-034 146.5-fm,18-ssb,14-ssb
2m 1st. seeking EU ZL & JA S2S. QRT 0850. Sunset 0910 UTC (Posted by VK1AD)
     07:15 VK1DA on VK2/ST-034 146.5-fm,14.062-cw,14.31-ssb,7.032-cw
+other bands as reqd (Posted by VK1DA)
     07:15 VK1FWBD/P on VK2/ST-034 7-ssb,21-ssb,144-fm,440-fm
accompanying VK1DA. I will work 15/40/2/70 (Posted by VK1FWBD)
     10:30 OE5REO/P on OE/OO-245 14-ssb,145-fm
https://aprs.fi/oe5reo-7 (Posted by OE5REO)
     10:30 MW0VPS/P on GW/SW-006 14-ssb
14-ssb, 7-ssb, 5-ssb (Posted by MW0VPS)
     12:00 F/HB9BIN/P on F/JU-XXX 7-cw
QRV together with F/HB9CBR/p until Friday (Posted by HB9BIN/P)
     17:00 N6MKW on W6/CT-269 14.285-7.185-ssb,146.52-fm
Time approx. Follow me on APRS.FI as N6MKW-7 (Posted by N6MKW)
     18:30 W7JET on W7A/NM-014 7-cw,14-cw,10-cw,146.520-fm
Rim Link and APRS activation will be 45 min long time limits (Posted by W7JET)
Thursday 14th December 2017
     19:00 VE6IXD on VE6/HC-033 14.3275-ssb
(Posted by VE6IXD)
     20:00 M1EYP/P on G/SP-015 50-cw,50-ssb
(Posted by M1EYP)
Friday 15th December 2017
     10:00 CT7/OK2PDT/P on CT/ES-XXX 7.032-cw,14.061-cw
a few days (Posted by OK2PDT)
     17:00 K9IR on W9/WI-010 7.032-cw,10.116-cw,14.062-cw
Joining the hordes who have activated this 1 before....;-) (Posted by K9IR)
     18:15 K7ZOO on W7A/MS-140 7-10-14-18-21-24-28-cw
(Posted by K7ZOO)
     21:00 VK4FMHT on VK4/SE-013 7.144-ssb
(Posted by VK4FMHT )
     21:30 K7ZOO on W7A/MS-096 7-10-14-18-21-24-28-cw
(Posted by K7ZOO)
Saturday 16th December 2017
     10:30 OE1WED/6 on OE/ST-XXX 145-fm,144.075-cw
- 60 /+ 120 min, if wx is ok (Posted by OE1WED)
     10:30 DO5TMM/P on DM/BW-857 144-ssb,145-fm,21-ssb
time +/- (Posted by DO5TMM)
     17:30 N6JFD/P on W6/NS-087 14.337-ssb
finally getting back out there!! Time approximate. track on aprs at n6jfd-7 (Posted by N6JFD)
     18:00 K8HU/P on W4V/RA-001 7-cw-ssb,10-cw,14-cw-ssb,146-fm
Cancelled due to WX. (Posted by K8HU)
Sunday 17th December 2017
     09:00 ON5SWA/P on ON/ON-018 3.6-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb
Time approx (road conditions) (Posted by ON5SWA)
     09:30 ON/PA7ZEE/P on ON/ON-027 3.561-cw,7.032-cw,10.118-cw,14.062-cw
ON winter SOTA day; first 3691 SSB, also 145.400-fm (Posted by PA7ZEE)
     10:00 ON4UP on ON/ON-009 3.6-ssb,7-ssb,145-fm
ON winter SOTA day (Posted by ON4UP)
     12:00 ON5SWA/P on ON/ON-010 3.5-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb
Time approx (road conditions) (Posted by ON5SWA)
     17:30 VE2DDZ on VE2/LR-072 14.342-ssb,7.185-ssb,14.059-cw,7.032-cw
(Posted by VE2DDZ)
Monday 18th December 2017
     16:00 NJ7V on W7A/CS-031 18-cw,10-cw,5-cw
Joint act with K7MAS - Pls work us both - looking 4 DX on 17 (Posted by NJ7V)
     20:00 NJ7V on W7A/CS-045 5-cw,7-cw,10-cw,14-cw
(Posted by NJ7V)
     23:00 NJ7V on W7A/CS-066 5-cw,7-cw,10-cw,14-cw
Questionable . . . only if time (Posted by NJ7V)
Tuesday 19th December 2017
     22:00 VK5WTF on VK7/CH-001 146-fm,7-ssb,10-ssb,14-ssb,28-ssb
ETA 2130 - 2400. Will cancel if wet (Posted by VK3TST)
Sunday 24th December 2017
     10:00 G8XYJ on G/WB-??? 3.6-ssb,5-ssb,70-fm
Provided WX is OK! Merry Xmas activation! (Posted by G8XYJ)
Monday 25th December 2017
     11:00 G6DDQ on G/SP-004 433-fm,145-fm
Depends on weather (Posted by G6DDQ)
     11:00 EA8/OE5EEP on EA8/TF-001 10.1-14-18-21-cw
permit for this slot, vy dependent on WX, watch for updates (Posted by OE5EEP)
Friday 29th December 2017
     01:00 JL1NIE/1 on JA/KN-020 14-cw,50-cw
2nd SOTA activator gathering. (Posted by JL1NIE)
     01:00 JM3GVH/3 on JA/NR-057 7.15-ssb
(Posted by JM3GVH)
Sunday 31st December 2017
     22:00 KH7AL on W0C/FR-063 7.181-ssb
Happy Zulu NY! 7.033-cw, 14.342-ssb (Posted by KH7AL)
     22:00 DK3CW/P on DM/HE-003 7-cw,7-ssb,3.6-ssb,5.35-ssb,144-ssb
! UTC rollover !, ETA +/- 30 min, http://aprs.fi/dk3cw-8 (Posted by DK3CW)
     23:00 VK1FWBK/P on VK1/AC-037 7.032-cw,7.157-ssb,146.5-fm.439-fm
Hoping to see in the New UTC Year! (Posted by VK1FWBK)
     23:00 VE2DDZ on VE2/ML-004 14.342-ssb,7.185-ssb,14.059-cw,7.032-cw
HNY (Posted by VE2DDZ)
     23:00 VK2GPL on VK2/CT-001 7.090-ssb
Celebrating UTC rollover - 20/30/40/80 Inv-V (Posted by VK2HAX)
     23:00 VK2IO/P on VK2/HU-093 3.5-7-14-ssb-cw
New Year S2S party (Posted by VK2IO)
     23:30 VK3PF/P on VK3/VE-014 7-ssb,14-ssb
Usual caveats. Other bands possible (Posted by VK3PF)
Monday 1st January 2018
     00:00 DK3CW/P on DM/HE-003 7-cw,7-ssb,3.6-ssb,5.36-ssb,144-ssb
! UTC rollover double activation !, http://aprs.fi/dk3cw-8 (Posted by DK3CW)
     00:01 VK1FWBK/P on VK1/AC-037 7.032-cw,7.157-ssb,146.5-fm.439-fm
Happy New Year. Will revise freqs/ bands nearer the date (Posted by VK1FWBK)
     00:05 KH7AL on W0C/FR-063 14.342-ssb
Happy NY! 7.033-cw, 7.181-ssb (Posted by KH7AL)
     11:00 G6DDQ on G/SP-004 145-fm,433-fm
Depends on weather (Posted by G6DDQ)
Saturday 13th January 2018
     11:00 OE1WED/8 on OE/KT-108 145-fm,144.075-cw,433-fm
+/- 60 min, cw speed 10 wpm max (Posted by OE1WED)
Sunday 14th January 2018
     11:00 DO5TMM/P on DM/BW-016 144-ssb,145-fm,21-ssb,28-ssb
time +/- (Posted by DO5TMM)
Tuesday 16th January 2018
     13:10 OE/DG0JMB/P on OE/SB-207 145.500-fm
2m or 40m QRV (Posted by DG0JMB)
Saturday 10th March 2018
     06:30 VK1AD/P on VK1/AC-??? 14-ssb,18-ssb,3.6-ssb,146.5-fm
VK JA ZL - EU S2S QSO Party. VK1 Sunset 0830 UTC (Posted by VK1AD)
     06:30 2E0YYY/P on G/SP-004 14-ssb,145-fm
(Posted by 2E0YYY)
     06:30 OE9HRV/P on OE/VB-??? 14-ssb
VK JA ZL - EU S2S QSO Party (Posted by OE9HRV)
     06:30 OE5AUL/P on OE/OO-330 14ssb-cw,18-ssb-cw
VK ,ZL, JA - EU (Posted by OE5AUL)
     06:30 OE5YYN/P on OE/OO-330 14-ssb-qrscw,18-ssb-qrscw
(Posted by OE5AUL)
Monday 4th June 2018
     00:00 JN3PDF/3 on JA/NR-029 144/430/1200-fm
(Posted by JN3PDF)
Monday 23rd July 2018
     05:00 ZS1/DK3CW/P on ZS/WC-046 7-cw,7-ssb,14-cw,14-ssb,144-ssb,145-fm
ETA +/- 30 min, Bands may vary, http://aprs.fi/dk3cw-8 (Posted by DK3CW)
     09:00 ZS1/DK3CW/P on ZS/WC-043 7-cw,7-ssb,14-cw,14-ssb,144-ssb,145-fm
ETA +/- 30 min, Bands may vary, http://aprs.fi/dk3cw-8 (Posted by DK3CW)
Saturday 17th November 2018
     03:00 JM3GVH/3 on JA/NR-001 433-fm,144.17-ssb
yamaran 25, sota ja 4 anniversary (Posted by JM3GVH)
Sunday 18th November 2018
     00:00 JM3GVH/3 on JA/OS-001 433-fm,144.17-ssb
yamaran 25, sota ja 4 anniversary (Posted by JM3GVH)

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