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Article by VK3FMDV on 25th September 2013 at 12:27

Access to Mt Bullfight

Drive south on Snobs Creek Rd for about 22.5km where it becomes Coy Rd and Conn Gap Rd joins on the the left and Bullfight Rd on the right. Park and head up Bullfight Rd for 4-5kms. Look for green "Parks" signs on each side of the road then a sign for "Stillmans Lookout" on the right. Shortly after, the road (track?) swings right. Just before it does look for some pink marker tape on the left. This can be hard to follow, but if you do it provides the least vegetated route. It heads generally up the NW flank of the hill then southwards to the summit. If you can't follow it still take this general route as it presents the easiest route (and shortest from the track).

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