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Article by VK3ANL on 3rd November 2013 at 23:33

Access Notes - from the south

We parked at the locked gate on Mountain Creek Road & walked up. Driving is not an option. (Off Gordons Bridge Road, off Melba Highway). Park to the side so as not to block gate access! <br />About 250m in, turn right on to Andrews Hill Track and keep walking up to the summit. Carpark to summit is about 2.1km; along a reasonable 4WD fire & maintenance track, quite steep in places. It took us just over an hour. The summit is signposted. Even without the sign or GPS you would know that you are at the summit because it has leveled off. I did not take the time to look around for a clearing, & set up on the edge of the track itself, using the signpost to support the squid pole for the HF antenna. Not best practice, I know, but probability of traffic is very low. (No vehicle had been along the track in at least a week.) <br />There would be good VHF into Melbourne & suburbs from here, although unfortunately no views because of the tall trees. <br />

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