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Article by VK3PF on 25th June 2012 at 05:17

Directions to Mt Hooghly VK3/VT-049

VK3/VT-049 is actually named Mt Hooghly - this was updated in late 2012. <br /> <br />Starting from the traffic lights in Churchill (west Place intersection), proceed South along Monash Way (C456) approximately 2.4 km. <br /> <br />Turn left into Junction Road (Signpost for Morwell National Park). Travel 400 m and turn left onto Jeeralang West Road. (For those not afraid of unsealed surfaces, you can instead take the next road to the left 100 m past Jeeralang West Road - Lindners Road. This approach is slightly shorter, just be sure to swing to the left at the intersection at the top of the first long climb. This will eventually bring you to an intersection with Jeeralang West Road where you need to turn right.) <br /> <br />Proceed approximately 12.9 km to track junction at 38.389013 S, 146.468397 E. Note that you need to have veered left at the end of the bitumen surface. At approx 12.1 km from the start of Jeeralang West Road you will pass the junction with Jeeralang North Road on the left. Turn right onto the track and approx 100 m on there is a natural amphitheatre area which provides options to park your vehicle. Alternatively, continue on up the track to a saddle at 38.390341 S, 146.464606 E. This saddle is just inside the activation zone, so if you park here, you will need to descend back down the track about 5 m vertically before re-entering the activation zone. <br /> <br />Walk back up to the saddle and then proceed up the steep and slippery 4WD track to the north of the saddle to progress to the summit. <br /> <br />Note that Perrys Road branches off Jeeralang West Road approximately 1 km prior to the Jeeralang North Road intersection. Perrys Road is rough & overgrown and very wet & slippery in places. This possible approach is not recommended. <br /> <br />In the warmer months, beware of possible logging truck traffic!

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