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Article by W4QO on 31st August 2014 at 01:46

Little Terrapin - Easy, sort of....

I activated this one today. There is a paved road to within a short walking distance to the actual peak, an undeveloped treed lot. But it is a PRIVATE residential area so I wanted to make sure it was ok to operate there. The drive to the top exits at Scotlyn's Yard Nursery off Hwy 107 a mile south of Cashiers, NC. But the drive, while paved, is one lane and must be navigated very slowly, less than 15 MPH. There are many mirrors along the way to show oncoming traffic around bends. I was able to talk to a resident about half way up and discuss the situation with him. While he did not own the "peak" of the mountain, he said that it would be fine to operate from the undeveloped lot at the top. Near the water tank at the top, there is a wide place to park. Just to be sure, I went to the house (mansion) next door to inquire as to who owned the lot. I was not able to raise anyone there so I took my go pack to the actual top which was about 150' from the parking spot. I operated about 45 minutes with a KX3 and W3EDP-Jr. making 21 contacts. No pedestrian or MV traffic came by during my operation. I would have operated longer but thunder was heard nearby. Just proceed very carefully and seek permission from one of the residents.

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