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Wed 17:50 EA3HP/P on EA3/BC-018 7.135 ssb
*good operator, {SPOTmySOTA} (Posted by EA1GMP)
Wed 17:35 SV2OXS/P on SV/TL-004 7.165 ssb
(Posted by SV2OYE)
Wed 17:35 SV2OXS/P on SV/TL-004 7.160 ssb
(Posted by SV2OYE)
Wed 17:25 EA3HP/P on EA3/BC-018 7.135 ssb
55 TNX Dani & 73 (Posted by EA2DT)
Wed 17:18 SV2NCH/P on SV/TL-004 14.285 ssb
(Posted by SV2OYE)
Wed 17:13 EA3HP/P on EA3/BC-018 7.135 ssb
last. call (Posted by EA3HP)

Upcoming Activations

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Wed 18:00 WB7ENX on W7A/AE-029 2m-fm
144.410 and 146.520 to start then 10-20-40 (Posted by WB7ENX)
Wed 18:30 VA6MCB on VE6/AS-056 14.346-ssb,14.285-ssb,146.52-fm
will try to APRS.fi Dual Activation (Posted by VA6MCB)
Wed 18:30 VE6IXD on VE6/AS-056 18.130-ssb,14.346-ssb
Dual activation with VA6MCB (Posted by VE6IXD)
Thu 00:30 VK3XY/P on VK3/VC-007 7.090-ssb
Usual caveats. May spot other frequencies (Posted by AX3AFW)
Thu 00:30 VK3AFW/P on VK3/VC-007 7.032-cw,10.116-cw,14.062-cw
Wx dependent. (Posted by AX3AFW)
Thu 01:00 VK2JDL on VK2/CT-011 7.090..28.490..52.200..14.310-ssb
*Wx and access permitting [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by VK2JDL)

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