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Latest Spots

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Sat 19:20 N1GVT on W1/GM-076 10.1135 cw
*[RBNHole] at W3LPL 16 WPM 20 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Sat 19:02 N2GDS/P on W3/PD-001 14.0615 cw
*Spot[N2GDS]: cq cq! (Posted by SMS_NA)
Sat 18:47 N1GVT on W1/GM-076 10.119 cw
*[RBNHole] at WZ7I 16 WPM 11 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)
Sat 18:46 N1GVT on W1/GM-076 10.119 CW
(null) (Posted by W1ZU)
Sat 18:42 N1GVT on W1/GM-076 18.07 CW
(null) (Posted by W1ZU)
Sat 18:41 N1GVT on W1/GM-076 18.07 cw
*[RBNHole] at K9IMM 16 WPM 6 dB SNR (Posted by RBNHOLE)

Upcoming Activations

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Sat 20:30 KG6CIH on W1/HA-095 146.52-fm
w/ AB1KW; time +/- 60 mins (Posted by KG6CIH)
Sat 21:00 KD7WPJ on W6/CT-012 10.106-cw,10.116-cw
(Posted by KD7WPJ)
Sat 22:00 KX0R on W7Y/EW-006 18.093-cw,10.113-cw
ETA approx - Please SPOT if no spots! Only hope with FD! (Posted by KX0R)
Sat 23:00 VK3BYD/P on VK3/VE-178 7.032-cw,14.062-cw,21.062-cw
With Allen vk3arh. will do more today. (Posted by VK3BYD)
Sat 23:00 VK2IO/P on VK2/CT-007 7.090-14.310-ssb,7.032-cw,146.5-fm
(Posted by VK2IO)
Sun 00:00 ZL1SHP on ZL1/BP-193 145-fm,145.500-fm
Time Approx, will talk on way up, HT stock antenna (Posted by ZL1SHP)

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