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Tue 16:47 K7PX on W0C/FR-133 10.112CW
579 in Montana (Posted by W7GJ)
Tue 16:46 K7PX on W0C/FR-133 10.112 cw
(Posted by K0RS)
Tue 16:21 EI/G0AZA/P on EI/IN-081 14.145 SSB
(null) (Posted by GI0AZA)
Tue 16:09 EI/G0AZA/P on EI/IN-081 14.175 SSB
(null) (Posted by GI0AZA)
Tue 15:55 EI/G0AZA/P on EI/IN-081 3.76 SSB
(null) (Posted by GI0AZA)
Tue 15:38 EI/G0AZB/P on EI/IN-081 145.525 FM
145.500 qrv (Posted by GI0AZB)

Upcoming Activations

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Tue 17:00 K7PX on W0C/FR-133 10.112-cw
(null) (Posted by WG0AT )
Tue 18:00 AC7MA on W7W/CW-105 14.062-cw,10.114-cw
S+4 , with WU7H (Posted by AC7MA)
Tue 18:00 WU7H on W7W/CW-105 14.062-cw,146-fm
s+4, with AC7MA, pse work us both. Tnx! (Posted by WU7H)
Tue 18:00 NM5S on W5N/SI-017 7.033-cw,10.110-cw,14.061-cw
with KE5AKL (Posted by NM5S)
Tue 18:00 WG0AT on W0C/FR-121 7.032-10.112-14.062-18.092cw,146.52-fm
K7PX on 30m or FR149 http://aprs.fi/wg0at-7 or K7PX-7 (Posted by WG0AT)
Tue 18:00 KE5AKL on W5N/SI-017 18.071-14.061-7.061
With NM5S. (Posted by KE5AKL)

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