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Latest Spots

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Sat 00:17 JF3FGL/3 on JA/OS-004 144.205 ssb
(Posted by JF3FGL)
Sat 00:12 JG1BOK/0 on JA/NN-094 10.122 cw
(Posted by JH1MXV)
Fri 23:49 JG1BOK/0 on JA/NN-094 14.062 cw
(Posted by JH1MXV)
Fri 23:41 JG1BOK/0 on JA/NN-094 7.013 cw
(Posted by JH1MXV)
Fri 23:32 ZL2JML on ZL1/WK-026 14.310 ssb
* [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by ZL2JML )
Fri 23:24 AG6V on W7W/CH-001 14.000 other
*Spot[AG6V]: test only first sms test (Posted by SMS_NA)

Upcoming Activations

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Sat 01:30 JK1VUZ/1 on JA/KN-016 50-ssb
1200-fm (Posted by JK1VUZ )
Sat 04:00 JP3OYB/2 on JA/GF-263 144.205-ssb,145-fm,433-fm
(Posted by JP3OYB)
Sat 08:00 F5LKW/P on F/CR-254 10-ft8,14-ft8
Using WSJT-X V2.0.0 QRV DCS033S and TG208 (Posted by F5LKW )
Sat 09:00 OK/SP9MA/P on OK/MO-001 145-fm,7-cw,10-cw,14-cw
time and bands will depend on WX, later more summits (Posted by SP9MA)
Sat 09:30 MW0PLA/P on GW/NW-035 14-cw,14-ssb,7-cw,7-ssb
Time wx permitting. CW new op plz be patient (Posted by M0PLA)
Sat 10:11 EA6KB on EA6/MA-070 7-ssb,14-ssb
Si la climatología lo permite (Posted by EA6KB)
Sat 10:30 HB9-PIM on HB/AI-001 145.525-fm,144.300-ssb
+/- 0.5h (Koordination / Anruf 145.500-FM) (Posted by HB9PIM)
Sat 11:00 EA8/G6WRW/P on EA8/FU-001 14.285-ssb,18.140-ssb
With EA8/M0YHB/P (Posted by G6WRW)
Sat 11:00 HB9SOTA on HB/SG-033 7-cw,14-ssb,145-fm
HB9SOTA group activation, various ops/callsigns (Posted by HB9DQM)
Sat 11:00 LA2QUA on LA/ST-009 14-ssb,145.525-fm,433.525-fm
Also packing antennas for 40m, 17m and 15m. ETA may be later (Posted by LA2QUA)

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