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Latest Spots

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Thu 11:10 F1GBD on F/AB-457 14.074 data
*cq FT8 20m NOW [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by F1GBD)
Thu 11:08 F6HBI/P on F/AM-604 28.061 cw
* (Posted by F6HBI)
Thu 11:08 F6HBI/P on F/AM-604 28.061 cw
* (Posted by F6HBI)
Thu 11:06 DL/ON7DQ/P on DM/BW-015 14.290 SSB
3/3,Mny Tnx For Sota Dear Luc,TU 73,Good Day & GL. (Posted by SV2HSY)
Thu 11:02 DL/ON7DQ/P on DM/BW-015 14.290 ssb
*Luc cq [SOTA Spotter] (Posted by ON7DQ)
Thu 11:01 S57MS/P on S5/KS-043 7.145 ssb
*Marko [VK port-a-log] (Posted by S57MS)

Upcoming Activations

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Thu 10:30 DL/ON6UU/P on DM/BW-058 7-ssb,10-cw
WITH DL/OT6V/P (Posted by ON6UU)
Thu 10:30 OE2GXL/P on OE/SB-196 145.5-fm
Zeit +- (Posted by OE2GXL)
Thu 11:00 DL/ON7DQ/P on DM/BW-015 7-ssb,7-cw,10-cw,14-ssb,14-cw
Time approx. - Other bands possible (Posted by ON7DQ)
Thu 11:00 2W0FLW on GW/SW-040 145-fm
+/- 15, Met dependent, 40m and 80m depending on footfall. (Posted by 2W0FLW)
Thu 11:00 DL4ROB on DL/??? 145.500-fm
Time +/-. Uncertain. Depends on WX, summit tbd (Posted by DL4ROB)
Thu 11:00 SQ8JMZ/P on SP/BS-005 145.550-fm,7-cw,10-cw
qrp MTRb, LNRPrec- 3band (Posted by SQ8JMZ)
Thu 11:00 F6HBI/P on F/AM-604 7-CW > 50-SSB, 144-fm
+/- 30mn ALL BAND AND MODE (Posted by F6HBI)
Thu 11:45 DL/ON6UU/P on DM/BW-846 7-ssb,10-cw
WITH DL/OT6V/P (Posted by ON6UU)
Thu 12:00 DL/HB9BIN/P on DL/AL-206 7-cw
QRV +/- 1h with KX2, EFHW es XYL (Posted by HB9BIN/P)
Thu 12:30 NY4G on W4V/BR-006 14.065-cw,7.065-cw,10.113-cw
(Posted by NY4G)

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