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Tue 13:56 EB2GKK/1 on EA1/LR-051 14.290 ssb
CQing here stay QRV...73s (Posted by EB2GKK)
Tue 13:26 EB2GKK/1 on EA1/LR-051 14.285 ssb
QSY due to carrier on 280 (Posted by PA7ZEE)
Tue 13:17 EB2GKK/1 on EA1/LR-051 14.280 ssb
Inaki 44-52 in SEUK-QSB and local QRN for me.1st activation (Posted by G6TUH)
Tue 13:05 OZ/DG7ACF/P on OZ/OZ-009 14.275 ssb
Pom still CQing - 54 in SE UK - SOTA+FF064+IOTA EU-172 (Posted by G6TUH)
Tue 12:39 OZ/DG7ACF/P on OZ/OZ-009 14.275 ssb
Pom calling cq, also OZFF064 (Posted by S52CU)
Tue 12:19 CT2IUV/P on CT/BL-012 14.285 ssb
Nuno 55 in SEUK. QRT this f.1237Z. (Posted by G6TUH)

Upcoming Activations

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Tue 15:00 WH6LE on W4C/CM-023 7.033-cw,7.28-ssb,14.062-cw,14.34-ssb
will QSY up if bands open (Posted by WH6LE)
Tue 15:15 KB1RJD on W4G/NG-056 7.190-ssb,14.347-ssb
With KB1RJC. Time & Freqs. +/-. (Posted by KB1RJC)
Tue 15:30 EB2GKK/1 on EA1/LR-051 14-ssb
Last virgin summit in EA1/LR...73s (Posted by EB2GKK)
Tue 17:00 CT2IUV/P on CT/BL-001 14.285-ssb,7.115-ssb,145.500-fm
60 min or more ;) Wx will say (Posted by CT2IUV)
Tue 17:15 NU7A on W7W/CW-101 14.064-cw
S-2 (Posted by NU7A)
Tue 17:30 NM5S KE5AKL on W5N/PW-028 7-cw,10-cw,14-cw,21-cw
(Posted by NM5S)

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