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Latest Spots

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Sun 02:19 ZL1TGS on ZL1/WK-147 146.5 FM
Jim calling CQ ... (Posted by ZL1SKL)
Sun 02:18 JA3NAP/1 on JA/KN-006 7.01 CW
(null) (Posted by JA3NAP)
Sun 02:08 JP3SHZ/3 on JA/KT-003 433.120 fm
(Posted by JN3VSA)
Sun 01:23 ZL1SKL/P on ZL1/AK-005 14.310 ssb
Good copy Soren. Happy Easter (Posted by VK5PAS)
Sun 01:23 ZL1SKL on ZL1/AK-005 14.31 SSB
(null) (Posted by ZL1SKL)
Sun 01:07 ZL1SKL on ZL1/AK-005 14.31 SSB
Soren calling CQ, also 146.500 (Posted by ZL1SKL)

Upcoming Activations

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Sun 02:00 JA3NAP/1 on JA/KN-006 7-cw
(null) (Posted by JA3NAP)
Sun 02:00 JS1JNM/1 on JA/YN-067 433-fm
50-SSB., 21CW (Posted by JS1JNM)
Sun 02:30 JK1NRL/1 on JA/GM-002 144-fm,433-fm
Time approx. (Posted by JK1NRL)
Sun 02:30 JI1TLL/3 on JA/OS-012 50-ssb,433-fm
(Posted by JI1TLL)
Sun 02:30 JS1UEH/1 on JA/IB-004 14-cw,50-ssb,433-fm
(Posted by JS1UEH)
Sun 03:00 JO3WLQ/3 on JA/HG-029 433-fm
(Posted by JO3WLQ)
Sun 03:30 BU2EQ on BV/NT-026 14.092-ft8,14.192-usb,21.192-usb
(Posted by BX2AFU)
Sun 06:30 F5LKW/P on F/MC-XXX 7.032-cw
on the road between IN95KS to JN23SH (Posted by F5LKW)
Sun 07:00 EA6LU on EA6/MA-016 7-ssb-cw,14-ssb-cw,2-fm-cw
Also 80m SSB/CW, +++ VGIB-161 (Posted by EA6LU)
Sun 08:00 M1EBU/P on G/SE-006 5-ssb,7-ssb,14-ssb
up on Ditchling Beacon for 2hrs weather permitting (Posted by M1EBU)

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