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Latest Spots

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Mon 17:31 W0CCA on W7A/CA-032 14.061 cw
*here now [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by W0CCA)
Mon 17:01 W2CKL on W2/GC-115 14.0601 cw
*559 TN [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by WX4ET)
Mon 17:00 NE4TN on W4T/RV-023 146.550 fm
*Here now [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by WX4ET)
Mon 16:57 W2CKL on W2/GC-115 14.0601 cw
*CQ CQ at 18 wpm. S/N=29 dB at AA4VV {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Mon 16:53 W2CKL on W2/GC-115 7.06 cw
*CQ CQ at 18 wpm. S/N=14 dB at WZ7I {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Mon 15:27 2W0KGQ/P on GW/NW-062 7.118 ssb
*Spot[2W0KGQ]: test only (via RRT) (Posted by SMS)

Upcoming Activations

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Mon 17:00 K1DUN on W5O/WI-002 2-fm,2-ssb;146.520-fm;10-ssb
This will be my first 10-point summit. Just visiting. (Posted by K1DUN)
Mon 19:00 K6HPX/P on W7A/PE-019 28.061-cw,18.081-cw
TIME +/- (Posted by K6HPX)
Mon 19:00 W0CCA on W7A/CS-032 14.062-cw,7.033-cw
-1, +3 will try for more later after this one, stay tuned (Posted by W0CCA)
Mon 19:00 K1DUN on W5O/WI-023 2-fm,2-ssb;146.520-fm;10-ssb
(Posted by K1DUN)
Mon 23:30 VK1NAM/3 on VK3/VE-157 7-ssb
Wx permitting +/- time, return trip to VK1 (Posted by VK1NAM)
Tue 03:00 VK1NAM/2 on VK2/RI-033 7-ssb
Wx permitting. Time may vary (Posted by VK1NAM)

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