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Post by OK1HCG on 31st October 2011 at 11:37
And again PA1MAX and its CQ CQ <MAX QRM>...
<7.030-7.033 kHz>
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Post by OK1CZ on 31st October 2011 at 12:15
In reply to OK1HCG:

Yes. In an earlier reflector posting this year on the subject of PA1MAX, it showed that PA1MAX was not a pirate making deliberate QRM but a genuine call and real person.
The way he operates is always the same. He calls blind CQ on any frequency without listening or asking if the freq is in use. After a few CQs he moves up or down and does it again.

Today he started CQ on 7031.4 kHz right on top of S51WX/P. He later moved to 7030.7 kHz where he his CQ was answered by an OK station. After the QSO ended he did not continue CQ on his freq (7030.7) as one would expect, but jumped upward to 7031.5 and started his blind CQ.
I wonder why he does not keep his freq after he finishes a QSO. He seems to like jumping and calling CQs.

If I remember correctly, PA0HRM reported that he was in contact with him on the telephone and that PA1MAX was not aware that he was doing anything wrong.

Maybe another polite attempt could be made to let him know that:
1. something IS wrong with his RX system (he often gives poor reports 339/229 to stations that are strong, complainig of QSB and QRN).

2. something IS very wrong with the way he operates.

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Post by DL1DVE on 31st October 2011 at 13:42
In reply to OK1CZ:
But he knows CW..When he was on the QRG of s51wx/p i give him QRL and pse qsy...
he was changing the frequenz little bit up...but direct on the next calling station :-(
Dont know whats wrong with him...

best 73 de Tom
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Post by PA0WLB on 31st October 2011 at 13:45
In reply to OK1HCG:

Maybe a techical problem. Earlier this year he was spotted on the cluster as follows:

OH1LWZ 10106.4 PA1MAX nw hr... 1104 07 Feb
OH1LWZ 10107.3 PA1MAX pse check ur tx!! 1103 07 Feb
OH1LWZ 10110.0 PA1MAX 1103 07 Feb
YT9T 10110.0 PA1MAX CQ FREQ. VARIABILE 1041 07 Feb

William, PA0WLB
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Post by DJ5AV on 31st October 2011 at 15:47
In reply to PA0WLB:
pa1max is doing the same stupid operating since SEVERAL years:
Cq in spite of QRG in use, continued or only vy little QSY if
he is told "QRG QRL". On new QRG again CQ in spite of QRG in use.
I am sure by now he will NEVER learn and we will have to wait
until he will be SK.
So just QRX and ignore. Calling "QSY" or "QRL" will only produce
additional QRM.

73 de Mike, dj5av
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Post by G0OTT on 16th February 2012 at 14:06
In reply to DJ5AV:
I was set upon by this individual maybe 2 years ago on the qrp calling frequency 7.030.
I was having a nice qso with a fellow qrper in DL land when he just turned up with his CQ, after he finished I asked him to qsy as the frq was occupied, his response was " you are qrp you qsy"
I was shocked to say the least.
Fortunately qrp is not my only interest so with 2 buttons I was qro at legal limit and he had to leave, only after about 30 mins of trying to bully me off the frequency though.
A thoughtless individual by all accounts( in my humble opinion).

Regards Darren g0ott
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