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Thu 17:10 NE1SJ on W1/MV-003 7.190 ssb
jim calling cq now (Posted by KK1W)
Thu 17:07 WB7ENX on KH6/MA-001 14.290 ssb
44 in OR. Needs Qs (Posted by NS7P)
Thu 17:01 WB7ENX on KH6/MA-001 14.290 ssb
*[via SOTA Goat] (Posted by WB7ENX)
Thu 16:54 NE1SJ on W1/MV-003 14.345 ssb
*Jim or Frandy [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by N1FJ)
Thu 16:53 NE1SH on W1/MV-003 14.3425 ssb
55 in VA (Posted by W4VIG)
Thu 16:52 NE1SJ on W1/MV-003 14.3425 ssb
Frandy and Jim calling here. (Posted by KG3W)
Thu 16:47 NE1SJ/P on W1/MV-003 14.0611 cw
559 INTO SW VA (v) (Posted by W4DOW)
Thu 16:36 NE1SJ on W1/MV-003 14.0611 cw
*CQ CQ at 19 wpm. S/N=17 dB at W5MEL {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Thu 16:33 OE/DG5WU/P on OE/TI-519 14.0561 cw
*CQ CQ at 18 wpm. S/N=16 dB at SM2IUF {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Thu 16:30 KC5AOF on W5A/MA-001 14.3425 ssb
*35 in NC [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by N4EX)
Thu 16:18 NE1SJ on W1/MV-003 7.060 cw
Jim & Frandy calling here. (Posted by KG3W)
Thu 16:18 NE1SJ on W1/MV-003 7.06 cw
*CQ CQ at 18 wpm. S/N=21 dB at WZ7I {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Thu 16:07 EA2BD/P on EA1/BU-048 7.032 cw
cq (Posted by EA2BD)
Thu 16:04 DG5WU on OE/TI-519 14.285 ssb
(Posted by EB2JU)
Thu 16:02 OE/DG5WU/P on OE/TI-519 14.285 ssb
Jana CQing - 31-55 in SE UK~QSB and static here. (Posted by G6TUH)
Thu 15:53 EA2BD/P on EA1/BU-048 14.062 cw
cq (Posted by EA2BD)
Thu 15:51 EA2BD on EA1/BU-048 14.062 cw
*CQ CQ at 24 wpm. S/N=5 dB at DL3KR {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Thu 15:48 OE/DG5WU/P on OE/TI-519 145.500 fm
YL Jana (Posted by DK5RV)
Thu 15:42 W2CKL on W2/GA-021 14.059 cw
Calling CQ (Posted by WA2USA)
Thu 15:40 EA2BD/P on EA1/BU-048 14.315 ssb
cq (Posted by EA2BD)
Thu 15:40 EA2BD/P on EA1/BU-048 14.315 ssb
cq (Posted by EA2BD)
Thu 15:36 W2CKL on W2/GA-021 7.060 cw
Still Cqing . 339 in Pa. (Posted by KG3W)
Thu 15:30 EA2BSB/P on EA1/BU-050 14.300 ssb
cq now! (Posted by EA2BSB)
Thu 15:10 W2CKL on W2/GA-021 7.0601 cw
*CQ CQ at 17 wpm. S/N=20 dB at W8WWV {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Thu 15:07 EA2BSB/P on EA1/BU-050 145.525 fm
cq sota... (Posted by EA2BSB)
Thu 13:14 W4VIG on W4V/SH-001 14.285 ssb
test test ignore (Posted by APRS2SOTA)
Thu 12:58 G6WRW/P on G/LD-006 21.265 ssb
CQ SOTA (Posted by G4UXH)
Thu 12:50 OE/DK9ES/P on OE/VB-303 7.118 ssb
(Posted by OE8SPW)
Thu 12:13 G6WRW/P on G/LD-006 14.285 ssb
Carolyn 52 in SE UK. (Posted by G6TUH)
Thu 11:54 G6WRW/P on G/LD-006 18.137 usb
*strong audio into IO92AK (via RRT) (Posted by M0JZT)
Thu 11:48 OK2BTK/P on OK/ZL-045 7.030 cw
(Posted by DL8UVG)
Thu 11:40 G6WRW/P on G/LD-006 18.137 ssb
Band going long.Carolyn hrd in USA,JA,Asian Russia,Africa (Posted by G6TUH)
Thu 11:32 DL3SBA/P on DM/RP-348 14.285 ssb
(Posted by G0RQL)
Thu 11:27 G6WRW/P on G/LD-006 18.137 ssb
Carolyn 59+20 in SE UK. 18Mhz wkg well inter G/EU (Posted by G6TUH)
Thu 11:19 DF8KY/P on DM/RP-492 7.032,5 cw
(Posted by DL4TO)
Thu 11:07 G6WRW/P on G/LD-006 18.140 ssb
QSY here +/- QRM after ant swap, approx 10 mins (Posted by M0MDA)
Thu 11:06 HB9BIN/P on HB/ZH-006 7.032 cw
*CQ CQ at 27 wpm. S/N=28 dB at DL1EMY {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Thu 10:58 DL3SBA/P on DM/RP-348 7.113 ssb
Lutz 59+ in SE UK (Posted by G6TUH)
Thu 10:53 GW0HIO/P on GW/SW-007 14.059 cw
*Spot[G0HIO]: qrv now (Posted by SMS)
Thu 10:51 DK7MG/P on DL/WS-096 10.119 cw
*CQ CQ at 19 wpm. S/N=4 dB at ON5KQ {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Thu 10:44 M0YDH/P on G/LD-006 145.550 fm
(Posted by GM4WHA)
Thu 10:37 DK7MG/P on DL/WS-096 14.062 cw
*CQ CQ at 18 wpm. S/N=2 dB at SK3W {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Thu 10:30 EA2CQ/P on EA2/VI-026 14,269 ssb
*cq cq [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by EA2CQ)
Thu 10:21 DK7MG/P on DL/WS-096 7.0313 cw
*CQ CQ at 18 wpm. S/N=6 dB at DF7GB {Via RBNGate} (Posted by KU6J)
Thu 10:18 G6WRW/P on G/LD-006 7.118 ssb
caroline calling cq (Posted by M6KVJ)
Thu 10:10 LA/PA3FYG/P on LA/TM-037 7 ssb
QSY to 40M @10:10Z (Posted by G6TUH)
Thu 10:04 2E0MIX/P on G/LD-029 145.325 fm
calling now (Posted by G6ODU)
Thu 09:53 LA1ENA/P on LA/TM-037 10.1215 cw
CQ now (Posted by EA2IF)
Thu 09:47 LA/PA3FYG/P on LA/TM-037 14.285 ssb
58-59 in SE UK. LA1ENA/P on summit - 40M CW (Posted by G6TUH)
Thu 09:39 OK2BMA/P on OK/ZL-045 7.033 cw
(Posted by DL8UVG)
Thu 09:39 F/HB9AFI/P on F/AB-304 10.1185 cw
(Posted by S52CU)
Thu 09:37 OK2BTK/P on OK/ZL-045 10.116 cw
nw here (Posted by ON4FI)
Thu 09:34 DF8KY/P on DM/RP-493 10.118.5 cw
Joe. also F/HB9AFI/p on same spot (Posted by G4SSH)
Thu 09:32 2E0MIX/P on G/LD-029 145.500 fm
Oñ summit, setting up (Posted by 2E0MIX)
Thu 09:30 OH3T/P on OH/JS-066 14.290 ssb
*cq cq ssb. qrv nw. jt9 activation successful :) (via RRT) (Posted by OH3T)
Thu 09:19 OK2BTK/P on OK/ZL-045 10.117.9 cw
Peter, (Posted by G4SSH)
Thu 09:14 CT1HIX/P on CT/MN-004 14.285 ssb
57 in SE UK (Posted by G6TUH)
Thu 09:11 HB9AFI/P on HB/VS-233 7.0325 cw
Kurt (Posted by OE7PHI)
Thu 09:05 EB2FDT/P on EA2/SS-041 145.525 fm
Thu 09:05 EA2CQ/P on EA2/VI-026 145,525 fm
*3 elem yagi 20w starting in minutes. [via SOTA Goat] (Posted by EA2CQ)
Thu 08:56 DF8KY/P on DM/RP-493 7.0321 cw
nw here (Posted by OE7PHI)
Thu 08:51 EB2FDT/P on EA2/SS-041 145.525 fm
llamamdo ahora (Posted by EB2FDT)
Thu 08:37 DF8KY/P on DM/RP-493 10.118 cw
qsy to 7 Mc/s (Posted by OE7PHI)
Thu 08:34 EB2FDT/P on EA2/SS-041 145.525 fm
llamamdo ahora (Posted by EB2FDT)
Thu 08:24 OE/S55KM/P on OE/KT-078 14.285 ssb
(Posted by S56IHX)
Thu 08:12 OH3T on OH/JS-066 14.078 data
just worked 1333 Hz using JT9 (Posted by GM0AXY)
Thu 08:02 OE/S55KM/P on OE/KT-078 145.550 fm
(Posted by S57NAD)
Thu 07:51 OH3T on OH/JS-066 14.078 jt9
*cq cq. qrv nw. 1333hz (via RRT) (Posted by OH3T)
Thu 07:51 GW0HIO/P on GW/SW-032 14.059 cw
*Spot[G0HIO]: qrv now (Posted by SMS)
Thu 07:18 S56VJM/P on S5/BR-001 145.550 fm
(Posted by S56IHX)
Thu 07:02 OH2NOS/P on OH/JS-066 10.118 cw
qrv now! (Posted by OH2NOS)
Thu 06:39 OH2NOS/P on OH/JS-066 7.035 cw
qrv now (Posted by OH2NOS)
Thu 06:05 OH2NOS/P on OH/JS-066 14.058 cw
qrv (Posted by OH2NOS)

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