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Recently Submitted Summit Info

Click on the summit reference to go to the summit and read recently submitted information on that summit.

The system currently has 11257 articles and external links and this page shows the latest 50. Please share your experiences with others who may be activating summits after you. You can do this by adding articles and links from the individual summit pages.

Date Summit Description Submitted By
1st Sep W1/HA-064 You can do it! N1VAU
1st Sep W6/CT-044 Top quality swiss replica HUBLOT replica watches online.
1st Sep W6/CT-044 Cheap MontBlanc Ballpoint Pen Outlet UK
1st Sep W4T/SU-022 WX4ET Activation Report WX4ET
1st Sep W4T/SU-058 WX4ET Activation Report WX4ET
1st Sep W5N/SS-023 long walk KT5X
1st Sep w4v/sh-007 Easy Skyline Drive Summit NF1R
1st Sep W5N/SS-029 very doable KT5X
1st Sep W7A/PE-002 Another route description...still quick but no easier KF7HPX
1st Sep W7U/DV-004 Thanks, NG7IL
1st Sep W2/GA-373 Colvin and Blake W1ZU
1st Sep W2/GA-372 Colvin and Blake W1ZU
1st Sep W2/GA-372 15 mile Colvin and Blake day hike W1ZU
1st Sep W7U/DV-004 Thanks, NG7IL
1st Sep W7U/DV-004 Thanks, NG7IL
31st Aug W7A/PE-098 WHY NOT JOHN? K6HPX
31st Aug EI/IS-001 August 2014 Activation 9H4RH
31st Aug G/LD-033 Car Parking G4NMD
31st Aug OE/NO-080 Gipfelkreuz Gro├čer Peilstein (1.061m) OE5HCE
31st Aug OE/NO-096 Gipfelkreuz Jauerling (960m) OE5HCE
31st Aug GM/SS-188 "Easy" Route :) G4MD
31st Aug VK2/CT-043 Activation 30-31 August, 2014 VK2GAZ
31st Aug OE/SB-268 Harry - PD0ILD fulfilled a desire himself: his first SOTA DL9MDI
31st Aug DL/EW-017 My activation in summer 2014 DJ2FR
31st Aug W6/NS-139 Sierra Buttes 8/30/14 UPDATE WB0USI
31st Aug W4C/WM-095 Little Terrapin - Easy, sort of.... W4QO
30th Aug VE2/QC-023 Summit is off-limit VA2SNL
30th Aug W3/PO-002 NE1SJ activation 28 August 2014 N1FJ
30th Aug W3/PO-001 Elk Mountain/North Knob W3/PO-001 Activation N1FJ
30th Aug VK3/VU-009 Moncler : Moncler , Moncler Jassen , Moncler te koop met gra
30th Aug VK3/VU-009 gezicht van het noorden damesjassen
30th Aug VK3/VU-009 MBT changa kurk schoenensandals
30th Aug VK3/VU-009 links van london groothandel
30th Aug VK3/VU-009 Canada Goose BabyCanada Goose Outlet
30th Aug VK3/VU-009 verkopen tiffany en co sieraden
30th Aug VK3/VU-009 Louis Vuit
30th Aug VK3/VU-009 ghd strijkijzers
30th Aug VK3/VU-009 beste replica Patek Philippe horloges
30th Aug VK3/VU-009 Canada Goose D'Alpago Bomber - $260.00 : replica omega watch
30th Aug VK1/AC-014 horloges te koop , Replica wacthes , Replica IWC wacthes , R
30th Aug VK1/AC-014 timberland outlet
30th Aug VK1/AC-014 nieuwe heren timberland laarzen
30th Aug VK1/AC-014 Patek Philippe horloges bieden Pictet Patek Philippe horloge
30th Aug VK1/AC-014 Christian Louboutin wiggen
30th Aug VK1/AC-014 Sport New Balance 574 Olympic Edition GreyBlueRed - €54
30th Aug VK1/AC-014 Moncler Outlet Online Voor Professionele Sale Van Moncler ja
30th Aug VK1/AC-014 Zwitsers Mechanisch uurwerk replica horloges
30th Aug VK1/AC-014 korting MBT herenschoenen
30th Aug VK1/AC-014 Mens North Face Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket Black - $125.0
29th Aug EI/IS-054 First Activation 9H4RH

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