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Recently Submitted Summit Info

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The system currently has 14982 articles and external links and this page shows the latest 50. Please share your experiences with others who may be activating summits after you. You can do this by adding articles and links from the individual summit pages.

Date Summit Description Submitted By
13th Dec W7O/CE-304 PNWSOTA: Burma Road HP (Peak 4230), OR | May 2014 PNWSOTA
11th Dec W7O/NC-064 PNWSOTA: Peak 3594 Oregon PNWSOTA
6th Dec W7O/CM-028 PNWSOTA: NS7P activation of Davis Mountain near La Pine, OR on September 13, 2017 PNWSOTA
24th Nov W7O/NC-012 PNWSOTA: Thanksgiving on Gobblers Knob PNWSOTA
13th Nov W7M/BE-032 PNWSOTA: Montana – Comet Mountain 28Sept2016 PNWSOTA
13th Nov W7M/GA-084 PNWSOTA: Montana - Summit 8004 11Sept2016 PNWSOTA
13th Nov W7M/GA-068 PNWSOTA: Montana – Morrell Mountain 10Sept2016 PNWSOTA
13th Nov W7M/CL-197 PNWSOTA: Peak 6780 MT | May 2017 PNWSOTA
13th Nov W7O/CS-157 PNWSOTA: Upper Table Rock, OR | Nov 2017 PNWSOTA
12th Nov W7O/NC-057 PNWSOTA: Clarks Mud Pit, Oregon PNWSOTA
8th Nov W7I/IC-175 PNWSOTA: Idaho - Skookum Butte 8Aug2016 PNWSOTA
8th Nov W7M/GA-163 PNWSOTA: Montana Mineral Hill Scapegoat Wilderness 4Aug2016 PNWSOTA
3rd Nov W7O/WV-045 PNWSOTA: NS7P activation of Patterson Mountain in Lane County on October 3, 2017 PNWSOTA
2nd Nov W7O/SC-014 PNWSOTA: NS7P activation of King Mountain in southern OR on October 6, 2017 PNWSOTA
2nd Nov W7O/CE-137 PNWSOTA: NS7P activation of Table Rock near Silver Lake, OR on September 29, 2017 PNWSOTA
25th Oct W7O/NC-087 PNWSOTA: 2445 - North Coast, Oregon PNWSOTA
21st Oct W7W/LC-094 PNWSOTA: Birkenfeld Mtn, WA | September 2015 PNWSOTA
16th Oct W7O/NC-004 PNWSOTA: Saddle Mountain, OR | October 2017 PNWSOTA
10th Oct W7O/CN-041 PNWSOTA: Mill Creek Buttes West, OR | Posted No Tresspassing PNWSOTA
9th Oct W7O/NC-002 PNWSOTA: South Saddle Mountain, Oregon PNWSOTA
7th Oct W7O/WV-096 PNWSOTA: First activation, first microwave QSOs PNWSOTA
7th Oct W7O/WV-096 PNWSOTA: First activation, first microwave QSOs PNWSOTA
1st Oct W7W/LC-146 PNWSOTA: Wind Mountain, WA | Oct 2017 Update PNWSOTA
29th Sep W7M/CL-075 PNWSOTA: Peak 7761, MT | May, 2017 PNWSOTA
29th Sep W7M/CL-085 PNWSOTA: Granite Butte, MT | May, 2017 PNWSOTA
26th Sep W7O/NC-071 PNWSOTA: NC-071 - Hembre Ridge, Oregon PNWSOTA
21st Sep Peak 6940, MT| May, PNWSOTA: W7M/HB-108 PNWSOTA
21st Sep W7M/BR-127 PNWSOTA: Bell Peak, MT| May, 2017 PNWSOTA
20th Sep W7M/BR-117 PNWSOTA: McCartney Mountain, MT| May, 2017 PNWSOTA
19th Sep W7O/WV-096 PNWSOTA: Sylvania - the Urban Experience PNWSOTA
9th Sep W7O/NC-036 PNWSOTA: Green Mountain, Oregon PNWSOTA
3rd Sep W7W/LC-089 PNWSOTA: Saturday Rock, Washington PNWSOTA
28th Aug W7O/CN-095 PNWSOTA: Peak 4005, OR | August 2017 PNWSOTA
27th Aug W7O/CN-089 PNWSOTA: Peak 4816, OR | August 2017 PNWSOTA
27th Aug W7O/CN-044 PNWSOTA: Peavine Mountain, OR | August 2017 PNWSOTA
20th Aug W7O/NC-018 PNWSOTA: Cedar Butte, Oregon / August 2017 PNWSOTA
15th Aug KLF/FN-059 PNWSOTA: My Alaska SOTA Adventures PNWSOTA
15th Aug W7O/NC-112 PNWSOTA: Peak 1804, OR | August 2017 PNWSOTA
15th Aug W7O/NC-028 PNWSOTA: Humbug Mountain, OR | August 2017 Closed PNWSOTA
15th Aug W7O/NC-053 PNWSOTA: Boiler Ridge, OR - Closed to Entry PNWSOTA
6th Aug W7O/NC-014 PNWSOTA: Grindstone Mountain PNWSOTA
6th Aug W7O/NC-014 PNWSOTA: Grindstone Mountain PNWSOTA
6th Aug W7O/WV-018 PNWSOTA: Scar Mountain, Oregon PNWSOTA
1st Jul W7O/CC-002 PNWSOTA: Update on Grass Mountain near Alsea ,OR PNWSOTA
1st Jul W7O/CE-169 PNWSOTA: Powell Butte HP is off limits PNWSOTA
1st Jul W7O/CE-169 PNWSOTA: Powell Buttes HP is a big no-no PNWSOTA
14th Jun W7O/CS-137 PNWSOTA: Acker Rock is an awesome operating aerie east of Canyonville, OR PNWSOTA
14th Jun W7O/CS-151 PNWSOTA: Pickett Butte summit and fire lookout tower east of Canyonville, OR PNWSOTA
8th Jun W7I/CI-131 PNWSOTA: Peak 6620 near Almo, ID PNWSOTA
23rd May W7O/CC-053 PNWSOTA: The Devil made us do it PNWSOTA

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