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Recently Submitted Summit Info

Click on the summit reference to go to the summit and read recently submitted information on that summit.

The system currently has 14674 articles and external links and this page shows the latest 50. Please share your experiences with others who may be activating summits after you. You can do this by adding articles and links from the individual summit pages.

Date Summit Description Submitted By
27th Jan W7W/KG-125 PNWSOTA: Lions Mane (W7W/KG-125) first activation PNWSOTA
20th Jan W6/CT-067 PNWSOTA: SOTA Activation: Table Mountain, Los Angeles County, California - January 11, 2016 PNWSOTA
13th Jan W7M/HB-128 PNWSOTA: Strawberry Butte - Drive-up or hike/bike/ski - near Helena (2014 activation) PNWSOTA
13th Jan W7M/CL-182 PNWSOTA: Year-round easily accessible summit in the Helena Valley (2 miles 950 feet) PNWSOTA
13th Jan W7M/CL-161 PNWSOTA: Fun Summit near Helena (2014 activation) PNWSOTA
11th Jan W7O/CN-062 PNWSOTA: Mud Creek Ridge, OR | January 2016 PNWSOTA
5th Jan W7W/CW-076 PNWSOTA: SOTA Activation: Amabilis Mountain, Kittitas County, Washington - January 3, 2016 PNWSOTA
2nd Jan W4V/HB-005 First activation notes N4WDC
2nd Jan VK3/VT-026 Access Mt. Toorongo Range, Mt. Horsfall & McCarthy Spur VK3CAT
2nd Jan VK3/VT-028 Access Mt. Toorongo Range, Mt. Horsfall & McCarthy Spur VK3CAT
2nd Jan VK3/VT-039 Access Mt. Toorongo Range, Mt. Horsfall & McCarthy Spur VK3CAT
2nd Jan VE6/HC-230 Winter Access to Elk Peak VE6IXD
2nd Jan DM/RP-457 First activation 2015 DL8JJ DO1JC
1st Jan DL/AM-040 my activation in 2015 DJ2FR
1st Jan DL/EW-022 Activation on December 29th. 2015. DD5LP
1st Jan GW/MW-037 MW-037 December 2015 G4OBK
1st Jan GW/MW-036 MW-036 December 2015 G4OBK
1st Jan GW/MW-034 MW-034 December 2015 G4OBK
1st Jan GW/MW-021 MW-021 December 2015 G4OBK
1st Jan GW/SW-018 GW4OBK/P December 2015 G4OBK
1st Jan W0C/FR-063 Winter Assault on Mt Herman K0NR
30th Dec JA/TK-012 TokyoDivingBlog JI1IKC
30th Dec JA/TK-005 TokyoDivingFacebook JI1IKC
30th Dec DL/MF-042 Pics from my activation in Dec 2015 (German and English) DL4ROB
29th Dec VK2/SC-022 Blog entry on Wolumla Peak VK1DI
28th Dec DM/SR-017 DO1JC Activation 28.12.2015 DO1JC
28th Dec W4V/BR-011 Activation Notes N4WDC
28th Dec OE/OO-349 Video Gro├čer Spitzberg (1.396m) OE5HCE
28th Dec W4T/SU-076 WX4ET/P Activation Report WX4ET
28th Dec VE2/LR-059 Trail at Wikiloc VE2DDZ
27th Dec DL/MF-034 My activation in 2015 DJ2FR
27th Dec DL/BE-019 My activation in 2015 DJ2FR
27th Dec W4G/NG-033 Summit guide KK4OSG
27th Dec W4G/NG-033 Photos KK4OSG
27th Dec W7O/NC-006 PNWSOTA: Mt Hebo, deep snow in coast range of Oregon, FYI PNWSOTA
26th Dec DM/SR-049 DO1JC/P Activation - 26.12.2015 DO1JC
26th Dec EA6/IB-011 EA6/G4OBK October 2015 IB-011 G4OBK
26th Dec EA6/IB-010 EA6/G4OBK October 2015 IB-010 G4OBK
26th Dec EA6/IB-009 EA6/G4OBK October 2015 IB-009 G4OBK
26th Dec EA6/IB-007 EA6/G4OBK October 2015 IB-007 G4OBK
26th Dec EA6/IB-001 EA6/G4OBK October 2015 IB-001 G4OBK
26th Dec EA6/FO-001 EA6/G4OBK October 2015 FO-001 G4OBK
26th Dec DL/AM-176 Activation on December 25th. 2015 DD5LP
26th Dec VK4/SE-118 Access Notes VK3ANL
26th Dec JA/YN-059 TokyoDivingBlog JI1IKC
26th Dec JA/YN-059 TokyoDiving Facebook JI1IKC
26th Dec JA/YN-050 TokyoDiving Facebook JI1IKC
26th Dec JA/YN-043 TokyoDiving Facebook JI1IKC
25th Dec W7U/JU-060 Skinner Peaks - No Access - K7ODX
24th Dec 9A/ZH-030 S57MS activation 06.11.2015 S57MS

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