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Recently Submitted Summit Info

Click on the summit reference to go to the summit and read recently submitted information on that summit.

The system currently has 12969 articles and external links and this page shows the latest 50. Please share your experiences with others who may be activating summits after you. You can do this by adding articles and links from the individual summit pages.

Date Summit Description Submitted By
18th Apr W6/CT-140 Activation 17 April 2015 N6JZT
18th Apr W6/CT-130 Activation 17 April 2015 N6JZT
18th Apr W0C/PR-118 Pence Mount First Activation and Trip Report by KX0R KX0R
18th Apr HL/GG-004 Yeoninsan HL2IYQ
18th Apr DM/SX-051 My activation in 2015 DJ2FR
17th Apr R9U/SO-238 Photo r9wdd R9WDD
17th Apr R9U/SO-238 Article r9wdd R9WDD
17th Apr W6/SC-212 Hiking hazards warning KD7WPJ
16th Apr W7U/GR-031 KT0A - Access Description KT0A
16th Apr W7U/GR-031 KT0A photos KT0A
15th Apr W4V/BR-008 Access W1DMH
15th Apr W4V/HB-030 Activating Short Mountain W3ATT
15th Apr PA/PA-004 Map with contourline for activation of PA-004 PA3Q
15th Apr VK2/IL-004 Carlyon is the correct name VK2IO
14th Apr W4T/RV-001 WX4ET/P Activation Report WX4ET
14th Apr VK2/sy-002 Rileys Mountain SOTA and satellite chase 11/4/2015 VK2IO
14th Apr W6/CT-165 Directions NA6MG
14th Apr W6/CT-168 UPDATE to access issue NA6MG
13th Apr W4C/EM-049 Activation Report 4-11-2015 K4KWL
13th Apr DM/SX-057 my activation in 04/2015 DJ2FR
13th Apr GM/SS-286 Trig point reference / notes G4OIG
12th Apr W0C/SP-114 View from Cleveland Mountain W0CP
12th Apr W0C/SP-114 Cleveland Mountain Gulley W0CP
12th Apr W0C/SP-114 1st Activation of Cleveland W0CP
12th Apr GW/MW-002 Route from the North West GW6OVD GW6OVD
12th Apr VK2/SY-002 Rileys Mountain is the name of this summit VK2IO
12th Apr HL/GG-039 Cheonggyesan HL2IYQ
11th Apr W7O/CC-038 PNWSOTA: Evening Activation of McCulloch Peak PNWSOTA
11th Apr DM/BW-101 Hohentwiel Fortress Ruins HB9BRJ
11th Apr W6/CT-083 Brutal K6TW
11th Apr VK3/VE-009 Access from NSW side/Alpine Way VK2HRX
10th Apr GW/NW-072 Bardsey Boat Trips - G4TJC / M6TJC activation G4TJC
10th Apr W7A/PE-037 W7A PE-037 4976 April 9 2015 K7ZOO
10th Apr W4G/NG-036 Activation notes KK4OSG
10th Apr W7U/UT-043 Spring Activation W1ZU
10th Apr W7W/SN-105 PNWSOTA: Mount Pilchuck Activation - 4/9/15 PNWSOTA
10th Apr VK2/IL-017 AM for fun on Bulgo Hill 1/4/2015 - with activation zone map VK2IO
8th Apr W6/SC-369 Activation April 8, 2015 by WN6E WN6E
8th Apr G/SE-005 G1PCR Activation of Botley Hill - April 2015 G1PCR
8th Apr G/SC-007 G1PCR Activation of Long Knoll - April 2015 G1PCR
8th Apr G/SE-001 G1PCR Activation of Walbury Hill - April 2015 G1PCR
8th Apr W2/WE-064 Activation note AC2KL
8th Apr W2/WE-049 Activation note AC2KL
8th Apr EI/IE-019 Tips G4AZS
7th Apr W4C/WM-042 Easter Weekend 2015 Activation KM4FOS
7th Apr W4C/WM-042 Activatuib Notes KM4FOS
6th Apr W6/CT-034 April 3rd 2015 Activation by KK6FNK - First try at SOTA KK6FNK
6th Apr W3/PD-035 W3AAX's commentary for Chimney Rock North. W3AAX
6th Apr W4G/NG-066 GPS Track KI4SVM
6th Apr W4G/NG-066 Cell Phone Coverage KI4SVM

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