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Recently Submitted Summit Info

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The system currently has 12035 articles and external links and this page shows the latest 50. Please share your experiences with others who may be activating summits after you. You can do this by adding articles and links from the individual summit pages.

Date Summit Description Submitted By
21st Dec W4T/CA-026 Marion County HP AE9Q
21st Dec VK2/ST-044 Blog entry on summit VK1DI
21st Dec W6/SD-218 Route update KD7WPJ
21st Dec W6/SD-101 More details KD7WPJ
20th Dec GM/SS-280 G(M)4OBK activation November 2014 G4OBK
20th Dec W7O/WV-003 PNWSOTA: Bachelor Mountain 12.14.2014 PNWSOTA
20th Dec W7W/SO-009 PNWSOTA: Copper Mountain Attempt PNWSOTA
20th Dec W7W/SO-009 KF7PXT Unsuccesful attempt BLOG KF7PXT
19th Dec W6/CT-125 Activation Notes KN6CCW
19th Dec EA5/AT-016 SOTA CID EA5EY
19th Dec VK1/AC-043 Avoiding the noise at Mt Stromlo VK1DA
19th Dec F/PO-167 SOTA F PO-167 - Soum de La Pene F5UKL
18th Dec VK2/ST-053 Blog entry VK1NAM 13 Dec 14 VK1NAM
17th Dec W5O/WI-004 Wildlife Refuge Use Permit Required to Activate Mt. Sheridan K1DUN
16th Dec DL/AM-002 my activation in 2014 DJ2FR
16th Dec DL/AM-105 my activation in 2014 DJ2FR
16th Dec W3/PD-004 W3AAX's commentary on Sherman Mtn South. W3AAX
16th Dec W3/PD-003 W3AAX's commentary on Rising Mtn South. W3AAX
16th Dec W7A/CS-058 Private Property WA7JTM
16th Dec W6/CT-226 Activation 15 Dec 2014 N6JZT
16th Dec W6/CT-225 Activation 15 Dec 2014 N6JZT
15th Dec EA2/NV-161 Mt. Miravalles EA2/NV-161 by EA2IF/P on 14/12/2014 EA2IF
15th Dec EA1/LE-155 AscensiĆ³n al Campriondo EA1AER
15th Dec G/SC-006 G4OBK Activation December 2014 G4OBK
15th Dec G/SC-005 G4OBK Activation December 2014 G4OBK
15th Dec G/SC-001 G4OBK Activation December 2014 G4OBK
14th Dec W5N/SS-035 Driving directions NM5S
14th Dec W5N/SS-026 Drive and hike info from the 1st activation NM5S
14th Dec DM/BW-570 Phil G4OBK visits BW-570 G4OBK
14th Dec DM/BW-193 Phil G4OBK visits BW-193 G4OBK
14th Dec DM/BW-161 Phil G4OBK visits BW-161 G4OBK
14th Dec DM/BW-159 Phil G4OBK visits BW-159 G4OBK
14th Dec DM/BW-845 Phil G4OBK visits BW-845 G4OBK
14th Dec W1/HA-084 Directions W1DMH
14th Dec W1/AM-381 Mount A history W1DMH
14th Dec W6/SC-213 Hawkins Peak--Difficult Technical Climb NF1R
11th Dec W6/CT-033 Activator Notes KN6CCW
11th Dec W6/CT-166 Activator notes KN6CCW
9th Dec W6/CC-025 Hike description update December 7 2014 KD7WPJ
8th Dec W2/NJ-004 Activation 12/6/14 (N2GBR / N2IEL) N2GBR
8th Dec EA2/NV-089 Mt. Lakarri EA2/NV-089 by EA2BD/P & EA2IF/P on 08/12/2014 EA2IF
8th Dec G/LD-033 Lords Seat and surround Wainwright Summits G4OBK
8th Dec W0D/BB-098 KT0A - Access Description KT0A
8th Dec W0D/BB-098 Pictures From KT0A Activation KT0A
8th Dec VK2/ST-053 Blog entry on summit VK1DI
8th Dec VK6/SW-039 Put a track in The mapping area of Sotawatch VK6NU
8th Dec W7O/WV-005 PNWSOTA: Coffin and Buck Mountain - 12.6.2014 PNWSOTA
7th Dec W6/ND-289 Wells BM, Mesa BM, Inscription Canyon Petroglyphs NA6MG
7th Dec W6/ND-268 Mesa BM, Wells NM, Inscription Canyon Petroglyphs NA6MG
7th Dec VK6/SW-039 Track in info... VK6NU

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