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Recently Submitted Summit Info

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The system currently has 14893 articles and external links and this page shows the latest 50. Please share your experiences with others who may be activating summits after you. You can do this by adding articles and links from the individual summit pages.

Date Summit Description Submitted By
22nd Feb W7M/CL-047 PNWSOTA: Red Mtn., MT | June, 2014 PNWSOTA
12th Feb W7O/CC-012 PNWSOTA: Copycat visits Roman Nose PNWSOTA
19th Jan W7I/CI-049 PNWSOTA: Mount Harrison, Idaho by K7ZO | November 2016 PNWSOTA
19th Jan W7I/BL-001 PNWSOTA: Hyndman Peak, ID | Sep 2011 Activation by KF7DDT PNWSOTA
19th Jan W7I/CU-001 PNWSOTA: Borah Peak, ID | August 2013 by KF7NOZ PNWSOTA
17th Jan W7W/WE-006 PNWSOTA: Winter Activation of Mt. Spokane 1/15/2017 PNWSOTA
17th Jan W7W/WE-012 PNWSOTA: Quartz Mtn Winter Activation PNWSOTA
13th Jan W7W/OK-029 PNWSOTA: Successful 2m-FM Activation of Tiffany Mountain, Okanogan County, Washington PNWSOTA
5th Jan W7O/CC-024 PNWSOTA: December 30, 2016 activation of Yellow Butte near Drain, OR by NS7P PNWSOTA
5th Jan W7O/CC-075 PNWSOTA: DeVoir Mountain, another non-entry summit near Drain, OR PNWSOTA
5th Jan W7O/CC-060 PNWSOTA: Off limits non-activation of Mount Yoncalla near Drain, OR by NS7P PNWSOTA
30th Dec W7I/SR-130 PNWSOTA: Peak 5740, ID | December 2016 PNWSOTA
28th Dec W7W/RS-001 PNWSOTA: Mount Rainier, WA | May 2014 PNWSOTA
5th Dec W7O/CE-074 PNWSOTA: Short Note on Hampton Butte PNWSOTA
2nd Dec W7O/CC-136 PNWSOTA: Dec 1, 2016 activation of "Peak 1094" by NS7P PNWSOTA
2nd Dec W7O/CC-018 PNWSOTA: Failed activation of Green Peak on Dec 1, 2016 by NS7P PNWSOTA
2nd Dec W7O/CC-087 PNWSOTA: A failed activation of "Peak 3060" on Dec 1, 2016 by NS7P PNWSOTA
2nd Dec W7O/SC-185 PNWSOTA: Oregon's South Coast - Palmer Butte PNWSOTA
1st Dec W7O/CN-050 PNWSOTA: Multorpor Mountain, OR | February 2012 PNWSOTA
30th Nov W7O/CC-012 PNWSOTA: Nov 19, 2016 activation of Roman Nose, OR by NS7P PNWSOTA
30th Nov W7O/CC-111 PNWSOTA: Nov 29, 2016 activation of Peak 1685 in Lane Co. OR by NS7P PNWSOTA
23rd Nov W7O/CC-034 PNWSOTA: Klickatat Mountain activation on Nov 17, 2016 by NS7P PNWSOTA
23rd Nov W7O/WV-070 PNWSOTA: Failed activation of Bear Mountain, OR on Nov 21, 2016 by NS7P PNWSOTA
18th Nov W7W/LC-101 PNWSOTA: Three Corner Rock, WA | November 2016 PNWSOTA
14th Nov W7O/CS-026 PNWSOTA: August 20, 2014 activation of Crater Peak (W7O/CS-026) in Crater Lake NP by NS7P PNWSOTA
13th Nov W7O/WV-006 PNWSOTA: Schreiner Peak Activation, Oct 22, 2016 PNWSOTA
12th Nov W7O/CS-038 PNWSOTA: WA6ARA Wizard Island, OR | August 2014 PNWSOTA
6th Nov W7W/LC-058 PNWSOTA: Silver Star, WA | November 2016 PNWSOTA
31st Oct W7O/WV-057 PNWSOTA: W7O/WV-057 Little Cowhorn Mountain, OR, 28/OCT/2016, NS7P PNWSOTA
31st Oct W7O/CM-070 PNWSOTA: Lowder Mountain, OR, 25 October 2016, NS7P PNWSOTA
29th Oct W7O/WV-009 PNWSOTA: Bull of the Woods, OR | August 2014 PNWSOTA
29th Oct W7O/CN-052 PNWSOTA: Oak Grove Butte, OR | October 2016 PNWSOTA
29th Oct W7O/CN-021 PNWSOTA: Mount Lowe, OR | October 2016 PNWSOTA
29th Oct W7O/CM-100 PNWSOTA: Nash Crater Activation, Sept 20, 2014 PNWSOTA
26th Oct W7U/NU-038 PNWSOTA: Naomi Peak, UT | October 2016 PNWSOTA
25th Oct W7W/KG-029 Red Mou PNWSOTA: Red Mtn, WA | Third time is the charm (October 1, 2016) PNWSOTA
25th Oct W7W/KG-029 Red Mou PNWSOTA: Red Mtn, WA | Third time is the charm (October 1, 2016) PNWSOTA
25th Oct W7O/CS-157 PNWSOTA: W7O/CS-157 PNWSOTA
25th Oct W7M/PS-020 PNWSOTA: Summit Mountain, MT | August, 2016 PNWSOTA
25th Oct W7M/PS-039 PNWSOTA: Rock Island Butte, MT | September, 2016 PNWSOTA
23rd Oct W7O/CN-055 PNWSOTA: Rock Butte, OR | October 2016 PNWSOTA
23rd Oct W7O/SC-184 PNWSOTA: Oregon South Coast Summit PNWSOTA
22nd Oct W7I/IC-159 PNWSOTA: Peak 7384, ID | September 2016 PNWSOTA
21st Oct W7I/SR-069 PNWSOTA: Peak 7420, ID | August 2016 PNWSOTA
19th Oct W7O/CM-001 PNWSOTA: Test Blog PNWSOTA
19th Oct W7O/CM-090 PNWSOTA: NS7P activation of Sardine Butte, W7O/CM-090, on 9 October 2016 PNWSOTA
11th Oct W7M/LO-089 PNWSOTA: Fire Lookout - Available to Rent PNWSOTA
10th Oct W7M/HB-038 PNWSOTA: Haystack Mountain, MT | Oct., 2016 PNWSOTA
10th Oct W7O/CC-040 PNWSOTA: Wards Butte, OR | October 2016 PNWSOTA
9th Oct W7O/WV-088 PNWSOTA: Mount Pisgah, OR | October 2016 PNWSOTA

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