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Recently Submitted Summit Info

Click on the summit reference to go to the summit and read recently submitted information on that summit.

The system currently has 13604 articles and external links and this page shows the latest 50. Please share your experiences with others who may be activating summits after you. You can do this by adding articles and links from the individual summit pages.

Date Summit Description Submitted By
5th Aug VK3/VE-023 Black Zebra Striped Swimdress - $75.00 : Professional swimwe TILOTTAKIA
4th Aug W9/WI-004 KT0A Activation Photos KT0A
4th Aug W9/WI-004 KT0A Activation KT0A
4th Aug W4G/NG-085 Summit guide KK4OSG
4th Aug W4V/WV-012 activation report 3 Aug 2015 W4TJE
3rd Aug W4C/CM-077 GPS Track KI4SVM
3rd Aug W4C/CM-077 Access and Trail Info KI4SVM
3rd Aug W3/PD-033 Landmarks and Trails for "Welsh Mountan West" W3/PD-033 AB3TQ
3rd Aug W7I/IC-257 Blog Post from KG7UEU Site KG7UEU
3rd Aug W7I/BC-062 PNWSOTA: Sunset Mountain, Idaho | July, 2015 PNWSOTA
3rd Aug W7I/BC-059 PNWSOTA: Summit 7905, Idaho | July, 2015 PNWSOTA
3rd Aug W7I/BC-056 PNWSOTA: Pilot Peak, Idaho | July 2015 PNWSOTA
2nd Aug DL/CG-094 Video of DL/CG-094 - Ratzinger Hoehe - 20150722 DL9MDI
2nd Aug OE/OO-282 Video Schabenreitnerstein (1.143m) OE5HCE
2nd Aug OE/OO-061 Video Pfannstein (1.423m) OE5HCE
2nd Aug DL/AL-170 Activation report July 30th. 2015 DD5LP
2nd Aug W6/NS-017 Yosemite Views from the North Ridge N6IZ
2nd Aug W6/SC-326 Driving and hiking direction KD7WPJ
1st Aug W7O/CN-002 Video of Summit climb N7UN
1st Aug W7U/SU-014 Abajo Peak Repeater KD5ZZK
1st Aug W0C/FR-041 Dicks Peak is easy access if you have 4WD K0NR
31st Jul W2/GA-030 Trail Report 2015 W2CKL
31st Jul W7W/KG-113 PNWSOTA: SOTA Activation: Rattlesnake Mountain, King County, Washington - July 24, 2014 PNWSOTA
31st Jul VK2/CT-012 Blog entry and map of activation zone VK2IO
30th Jul W4C/WM-034 Access and Trail Info KI4SVM
30th Jul G/TW-002 Map to summit PA7ZEE
30th Jul G/WB-009 M0JCQ - Worcestershire Beacon in the cloud M0JCQ
30th Jul VE6/AS-056 First Activation VA6MCB
29th Jul HB/NW-021 Activation 26 July 2015 HB9CZF
29th Jul HB/NW-018 Activation 26 July 2015 HB9CZF
28th Jul W7O/CM-072 PNWSOTA: Activation: Trout Creek Butte - July 27,2015 PNWSOTA
28th Jul KH6/HW-001 July 2015 Activation WA7JTM WA7JTM
28th Jul W6/CT-168 Activation 27 July 2015 N6JZT
27th Jul DL/BE-013 my activation in 2015 DJ2FR
27th Jul W0C/SP-076 First activation report - northern approach from Colo Trail W0CP
27th Jul W4V/WV-003 Buck Mtn VA, W4V/WV-003 Activation Report W4TJE
27th Jul GW/NW-066 Llyn Tour G4TJC
27th Jul GW/NW-058 Llyn Tour G4TJC
27th Jul GW/NW-077 Llyn Tour G4TJC
27th Jul GW/NW-064 Llyn Tour G4TJC
27th Jul GW/NW-025 Circular route via Llyn Stwlan and Moelwyn Mawr G4TJC
27th Jul GW/NW-016 Circular route - Llyn Stwlan and Allt Fawr G4TJC
27th Jul YU/ZS-023 Report of the first activation of YU/ZS-023 YT9TP
27th Jul W4V/GC-001 WX4ET/P Activation Report WX4ET
27th Jul W4V/WV-002 WX4ET/P Activation Report WX4ET
26th Jul W4T/SU-005 WX4ET/P Activation Report WX4ET
26th Jul W7M/BR-023 Fantastic Hike from Mason Lake (3.2 mi, +2,800 ft) AE7AP
26th Jul W7I/BC-077 PNWSOTA: Summit 6624, Idaho | July 2015 PNWSOTA
26th Jul W7I/BC-079 PNWSOTA: Boise Peak, Idaho | July 2015 PNWSOTA

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